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During the pandemic, a lot of people have invested in themselves and started their own small online businesses. There has been such a big surge in self-employment and people taking control of their own lives and income. People have started businesses in all different ways, provided expert advice, selling handmade items as well as selling bespoke items which people are always after. Social media has helped some of the businesses grow and even go viral on platforms such as Tik Tok. As the world starts to open back up and things ease and introduce some form of normality there are different ways in which you can grow your business further than when you had started. 

One of the things you will be able to look to do is starting to attend local markets. There are farmer’s markets and independent street markets. This gives you the opportunity to then start to grow your business on a more local level. There will be a few costs involved with this as you normally need to book a stall to reserve your space. You will also want to look at how you will take payments, the obvious will be cash. However, so many people do not carry it anymore and prefer to pay with a payment card. To help you manage this new and exciting part of your business you can look to get a wireless credit card reader to help you take payments and it will help make your business look more professional. 

Another great way to help grow your business in a more local sense is to look to approach independent small stores around you. Depending on what you offer stores may be interested in stocking them to sell on. This will give you big orders and regular orders if they are received well by the local people. Once you get one store interested in stocking it won’t be long until others start to interest. 

One of the best ways to grow a business is to use social media, you may already use this but you can take it to the next level by looking to use influencers and bloggers to help promote what you do. Influencers and bloggers are a great tool in marketing and a lot of businesses use them regularly now to help promote their products and services. They are a lot more affordable than traditional forms of marketing and can be very effective. They normally have a very trustworthy and loyal audience, so when they are working with you and promoting your business, their audience is very engaged and will want to look at your business too. This can then result in sales as well as new loyal customers for you. They offer a more personal and real review and opinions on businesses and products. 

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These different things will help you take your business to the next level and have it continually growing through and after the pandemic. You can help your dreams come true by making your business work for you.

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