Erica Buteau

Introducing the “unstoppable” Erica Buteau, a seasoned creative influencer and consultant who’s always up for an adventure! 🚀

As an empty nester, Erica frequently leaves her nest (in an RV) and is on a mission to bring remote work to the forefront of our lives. She’s not just talking the talk; she’s out there, crisscrossing the country and living the dream!

With a career spanning over two thrilling decades, Erica’s expertise reads like a superhero’s CV. She’s been immersed in the worlds of qualitative and quantitative research, project management, client coaching, and management consulting. But here’s where it gets exciting—she’s on a quest to make the advertising industry and beyond more diverse, inclusive, and employee-friendly. 🌈💼

In her current role at a prestigious PR agency, Erica is a maestro, orchestrating PR campaigns that hit all the right notes. But that’s not all; she’s the matchmaker of the digital world, connecting influencers with brands to create social media content that sizzles and pops like fireworks on the Fourth of July! 💥📢

But wait, there’s more to Erica’s story! Amidst her professional exploits, she’s a Nonna who knows how to have a blast with her two adorable grandchildren. And when it’s time for family reunions, she’s the glue that keeps her dispersed adult children connected.

Erica’s journey is a kaleidoscope of creativity, advocacy, and family bonds. Her blog is the treasure map where you’ll discover gems of business and marketing insights. But it’s not just any blog; it’s a reflection of her expertise in research and her unwavering commitment to creating positive change.

So, if you’re a brand looking for a dynamic collaborator who can bring your vision to life, Erica Buteau is your go-to influencer and socialpreneur. She doesn’t just influence; she transforms and empowers. Get ready to embark on an adventure of creativity and positive change with Erica! 🌟🌍🚀

My House 1915
Just for Fun: A Photo of My 1890 Home in the Early 1900s

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