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With so many businesses in the market today, you must utilize outstanding marketing tips and tools in your business to stay relevant and compete fairly with other businesses. Marketing tools are strategies and techniques used by a company to communicate its information to increase sales by getting potential customers’ attention and stimulating action. Some of the advantages of using marketing tools in your business include increased brand awareness, increased revenue, better customer engagement, and better customer loyalty. Since there are plenty of tools to choose from, it is advisable to combine several better results. Below are some unpopular marketing tools that you can use to grow your business.

Launch a Referral Program

While most people focus on social media marketing, a referral program is a simple yet practical concept for small businesses. A referral program allows you to gain new followers quickly through your customers. It is a very cost-effective method as you utilize existing resources. You can also use your employees, friends, and affiliates to spread the word about your business. Some of the referral marketing software tools available in the market include Buypowa, Friendbuy, Viral Loops, InviteBox, and Hello Referrals. For better results, put a reward for every sale. It will motivate your customers to refer other people and encourage them to make other purchases from your business.

Ways to Promote your Referral Program

  • Invite all your customers to join the business referral program. You can do this by sending them messages or an invitation email.
  • Display the referral program prominently on the business website.
  • Send email reminders to your client.
  • Post the referral program package on your other platforms
  • Incite other marketers such as social media influencers to join the program

Advantages of Using Referral Program Marketing

  • Better customer retention rate
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Saves you money and hiring time
  • Boosts your brand’s reputation

Introduce Giveaways

Another way of attracting new customers and gaining traffic in your business is through giveaways. The process is super simple as you select a product and offer your followers a chance to have it for free by sharing it with their friends. The trick for this marketing tool is by choosing a product that connects with your target audience to get real results.

Steps of Running a Giveaway

  • Define your goals and objectives for the giveaway
  • Define your target audience
  • Select a product for the giveaway
  • Establish a promotion plan
  • Choose software that you will use to register the entries and choose the winner
  • Run the giveaway

Advantages of a giveaway as a marketing tool

  • They create a memorable and lasting impression
  • They build brand loyalty
  • They help generate new business leads
  • Giveaways lead to increased sales
  • They help you achieve improved customer interactions

Billboards and Outdoor Posters

With increased exposure to the internet, most people have forgotten traditional advertisement methods such as billboards and posters. This kind of marketing attracts the audience’s attention, making your brand seen and recognized. Place the billboards and posters in busy areas and roads to reach a wider target. You can also be creative with the outdoor posters by using customized inflatable tube men and balloons as they are more attractive and will draw passersby’s attention. Make the billboard and posters memorable, interactive, and eye-catching.

Advantages of Billboards and Outdoor Posters

  • Customers can’t miss it
  • You get instant results
  • Simple to implement

Factors that will Determine the Success of Billboard and Outdoor Posters Tools of Marketing

  • Circulation – This refers to the number of individuals that pass by near the billboard or poster. The higher the number, the more successful and impactful the strategy is.
  • Impression – This is the exact number of people that see the advert. The results are determined by the number of inquiries and feedback you receive. To increase the number of impressions, make the billboard or poster big, unique and bold.
  • Demographics – This is the statistics in terms of gender, age, and income level of the people who have seen the posters. This is very crucial as it influences the marketing tool used.

Google Analytics

Another useful marketing tool is Google Analytics. Unfortunately, not many business owners take advantage of its power. The tool is free from Google making it economical for your business. Also, it helps you measure your business’s success at a particular time by giving you accurate metrics and statistics. Most people consider it as a traffic tool, but its potential is more than that. It is pretty easy to use, and it helps you track every action and show the traffic source.

Advantages of Using Google Analytics

  • It helps you understand your customer’s behaviors
  • Helps in identifying product and transaction performance
  • It shows the exact demographics

It is important to know which tools work perfectly for your business. Do your research thoroughly and select just a few. If the one you have selected is not giving you the results you want, please try a new one. However, it would be best if you focused on creating a great customer experience.