When it comes time to throw a birthday bash for your teenager, you of course want to do everything possible to make it a party to remember. But as you know, planning a birthday party can soon bust your budget. Yet with some careful planning, talking to your teen beforehand, and working with the parents of other kids who will be attending the party, it is quite possible to provide your teen with an unforgettable birthday party. If you’re in the planning stages, here are some tips to ensure your party is a success.

Go Bowling

In almost any area, you can find a local bowling alley. If you’ve got one nearby, look into having it host your teen’s birthday party. Since you can usually get a package that includes food, drinks, and plenty of bowling all rolled into one, your teen and their friends can have a great time.

Cupcakes to the Rescue

If you want to provide some great-tasting sweet treats for your teen and their friends, consider serving cupcakes instead of the traditional sheet cake. Often much cheaper to make, you can do these yourself or have them done at a local bakery. Whatever option you choose, it’s likely there will be few if any cupcakes being left over when the party ends.

Video Game Tournament

If there are two things that go together in today’s world, it is teenagers and video games. If you want your teen to have a birthday party that will be talked about for years to come, make plans to host a video game tournament at your home. By having several televisions in your family room and having other guests bring along their video consoles and games, you can set up a tournament bracket and have the kids let their competitive juices flow for hours. Once it’s done and a winner is declared, you can even have a prize for the winner, such as a gift card.

Pamper Party

If your teen happens to be female, consider turning the birthday party into a pamper party. To do so, you can have the usual food and drinks, but also let the attendees spend time giving each other pedicures and manicures. As an added bonus, you may be able to let everyone go to a local beauty school, where they can have a spa-like experience at a much lower cost.
No matter which of these ideas you use, chances are your teen will look back on this birthday party as one of the most memorable in the years ahead. Remember to make the occasion special with decorations, a happy birthday yard sign, plenty of homemade goodies, and a card expressing your love. This will make it a memorable birthday, regardless of how much you are able to spend on the party and presents.