Your living room should be a sanctuary for you and your family. But when you have kids, it’s never that easy. Mess seems to creep into your communal areas, no matter how hard you try to keep it at bay. 

We suggest that parents apply a judo-style approach to this problem: using the chaotic energy of your kids to your advantage. 

You’ll never recover the original serenity of the room. But you can improve your current situation through a variety of clever hacks. Check them out below. 

Choose Dark Upholstery And Furniture

Keeping whites white when you have kids around is a project doomed to failure. It’s just not possible. The combination of saliva, spills and grubby hands will lead to a slow browning over time.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to invest in dark upholstery and furniture from the outset. Spills and marks will be less obvious, helping to keep your rooms looking smart, even after a sustained assault. 

You can view dark sofas and chairs on sites like And you don’t have to stick with traditional designs. Think about the type of seating setup that would suit your family the most. 

Look For Multi-Functional Furniture

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Another hack you can use to rescue your living room from kid chaos is multi-functional furniture. Turning your TV stand into an extra space to store toys, for instance, lets you cut down on clutter easily, without having to move items between rooms. 

Multi-functional furniture is also a great way to ensure that you always have cleaning supplies to hand. Sideboards with extra drawers provide you with space to keep extra cleaning materials so you don’t have to go rushing to the kitchen every time your kid spills their drink. 

Place Paintings High On The Wall

You never quite know when your children are going to take a crayon to your artwork, according to So it’s good policy to place any photos or paintings higher up on your walls – at least temporarily. 

Add Shelving

Adding shelving to your living room can feel a little strange when you first do it. But if you have kids, it soon becomes necessary. They have an uncanny ability to generate a mess. 

The amount of storage you need usually depends on the age of the child. Peak chaos usually occurs around age five, though it can arrive beforehand.

Any shelving you do add can be temporary. You can always remove it later. 

Put Down Hard Flooring

In the past, the majority of wealthy homeowners put down hard flooring in their living rooms. And once you start raising kids, you quickly see why. Tile and wood are both much more resistant to damage than conventional carpets, making them a low-risk choice. 

Rely More On Bean Bags

Kids and bean bags tend to go together well. The reason for this is that you can remove the outer liner of most bean bags and wash them quite easily with the rest of your laundry.

So, there you have it: how to rescue your living room from kid-induced chaos.