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For a while, people got their news from big networks on TV or large newspapers, but this is not the only way to keep up with the news. The internet has opened up so much more for you and your family. The following are alternative ways to get the news that you and your family might be interested in.

Local News

Large networks report the news, and that’s great, but they focus on what’s going on throughout the country. While you should always keep up with nationwide affairs, you should also worry about what’s going on in your local communities. This is the reason you should turn to local news on TV and in newspapers. Supporting local news sources helps promote accountability. These folks need your support, and you’ll be surprised how much your family will learn from them. Many offer subscriptions, but some of these sources are free.

Talk Radio

Satellite radio has revolutionized the way people listen to radio. This medium wasn’t doing too well, but now it’s getting big, and there are enough talk show satellite stations you can use to get your news for your family. The folks on these shows are entertaining and offer real opinions about what they’re reporting. Of course, it’s important to make sure they use legitimate sources, but if you did your research, then you should be good. Being able to hear other opinions allows you to analyze the news yourself, which makes this a good option.

Social Media

Social media is another source you can use to get your news for your family. The only thing you have to worry about is that some news sources on social media platforms are not always honest. It’s important to research each news source that you’re considering before you commit. You don’t want you nor your family to follow news that may be falsifying information or may be a little too partisan. When you find some honest, dependable news sources on social media platforms, it’ll be easy to share pieces that can be fun for all. You won’t have to wonder if you’re sharing unreliable information.

Enthusiasts Sources

Folks who love specific things pay attention to certain news. Large networks won’t cover the latest car show often, nor will they cover what’s new in the world of comic book auctions. For this type of news, you need to look for popular news for enthusiasts. Some sites curate news for popular hobbies and bring them to you on one site. Your hobbies will be more enjoyable if you can keep up with the latest news regarding those hobbies.


Blogs can be a cool source of information as well, but they’re usually quite opinionated. The good thing is you get to hear someone else’s perspective. Hearing a normal person’s perspective can help open up a dialogue between you and your family, which is a benefit. You’ll probably want to find a few blogs that each member of your family enjoys to read, and you’ll want to make sure the information they’re offering you is accurate. Like some of the other news alternatives here, you are going to have to make sure these blogs rely on properly vetted information.

City Council Meetings

If you and your family are into local politics, then an interesting way to get some of your news is to attend public city council meetings. You and your family get to see news happen live and get to make up your mind about what you saw or experienced. Plus, going to these meetings gives your family a reason to hang out together. Time with family is precious, and that’s what you’ll be doing if you decide to attend these meetings. Take notes, and research what you didn’t understand. These meetings will be educational for everyone. You might end up inspiring one of your kids to get into journalism or maybe even politics.


Hopefully, you can find the best way to get your news using this guide, but remember that there’s probably another good source out there waiting to be discovered. As mentioned above, your news sources should be as bipartisan as possible to get balanced news.