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Currently, these times are extremely stressful due to COVID. Families can especially be under immense stress. Not only is COVID stressful for young children who are not sure what is going on, job and life stress can be hard for parents as well. It is crucial that families take intentional time to relax and unwind together. Now that many people are stuck at home, it is easier to find time to spend with family as there are not as many activities happening. Here are a few ways for your family to relax at home during COVID.

Play Games Together

Nothing brings families together like board games. Spend an evening revisiting favorite board games or trying out a new one. Pick a game that can keep your entire family entertained and spend the night unwinding and relaxing from the stress of COVID. The great thing about games is that there is quite literally something for everyone. If your family is not passionate about games, try a classic like Monopoly or Apples to Apples to try something new. If your family likes card games, invest in a new deck and spending the evening learning a new game together.

Cook a New Recipe

Now that many families are spending more time together, it creates the opportunity to cook as a family. Try out a new recipe once a week and invite the whole family to partake in the cooking process. This is a great activity for older children as they can be more independent. It may be harder for younger kids to cook, but there are ways to keep them involved. Seat them in their high chair and let them watch and taste test the food as you go. Or, let your younger ones help you mix up ingredients by holding the spoon and stirring. Cooking is a great way to bring families together. Another great idea is recreating traditional family recipes that have been passed down the generations.

Invest in a Massager

Another great way for your family to relax at home during COVID is investing in a massager. Massagers are a great solution to pain relief and overall wellness. Sit down in front of a family friendly movie and take turns using the massager. If you are looking for something that the whole family will enjoy, a foot massager could be a fun new experience. It may even create some giggles for anyone with ticklish feet!

Have a Family Movie Night

There is nothing more relaxing than curling up to a good movie after a long day. Pick a new movie that your entire family will enjoy and watch it together. A great way to combine activities is picking a day like Friday to cook as a family and then watch a movie together. Due to COVID, there may not be anything safe to do on the weekend and this can be an adjustment for kids. Having a weekend activity like a movie night with popcorn is a great way for families to celebrate the weekend from the safety of their own home.

Another great option is watching re-runs of your favorite show or activating BET channel on your streaming device or other services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and more. These channels offer a wide range of tv shows and movies that your family will surely love.


Living through COVID is extremely stressful, especially for families with children. Utilize one of these simple tips next time your family is looking to relax. If you want to discover other great ways to help your family, and your children, relax at home during COVID, check out these tips Taking time for self care is critical these days. It is important for families to stick together and stay strong during these challenging times. Try out one of these tips for relaxing at home today!

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