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Work, working, working out! Let’s do this, but, carefully! When you make the decision to lose weight, it often means you are trying new things and possibly pushing your body to limits it isn’t used to. One of the worst things that happen when people start a new fitness regimen is they overdo it, injure themselves, and then fall off the wagon completely.

If you want to build strength and get in shape, it’s important to consider your diet as well as find an exercise program that works for your body. Keeping yourself safe and working out carefully is the best way to help you lose weight and reach your fitness goals. Working out for me is usually doing DDP Yoga … I’ve tried running on a treadmill but have osteoarthritis in my knee and I loved lifting weights until I hurt my back!

Here are four tips to prevent injury when working out.

*Bonus Tip

Before We Start- It is best to consult with your physician before you start a new exercise plan.

Start Slow

If you haven’t exercised in a while, don’t expect to have the same speed and agility you had back in high school. It can be tempting to jump in full steam ahead, but it is best to practice moderation and ease yourself into an exercise routine. Prepare your body with lighter weights and shorter workouts, increasing gradually over time. Starting at a level your body isn’t used to is one of the quickest ways to hurt yourself while working out.

Know Your Limits

The amazing thing about the human body is that it tells you when it needs something. Your mouth feels dry when you’re thirsty, your stomach growls when you’re hungry, and you feel pain when you’re hurting. There is a difference between your body adjusting to a new challenge and actual pain: If you are feeling pain, your body is telling you to stop what you are doing – listen to your body’s cues.

Wear the Right Gear

You wouldn’t try to hike a mountain in flip flops, and you shouldn’t hit the treadmill in blue jeans and shoes that don’t support your feet. Wear proper lifestyle clothes and shoes that aren’t overly restrictive or too loose as they may cause an accident. Clothes should fit you comfortably, but not so comfortably that they are hazardous. Finally, never purchase shoes with the idea that they will stretch out if they are too tight; shoes should fit the foot comfortably at time of purchase.

Consult an Expert

When it comes to working out, the correct form is critical. Not practicing the proper form during your workouts can cause injuries, strained muscles, and more. The best way to prevent bad form is to talk to a professional. Working with a physical therapist will not only help you learn the best fitness practices, but they can also help you create a custom workout plan that works for your body and your goals.

You can also contact me if you are interested in hiring a lifestyle consultant!

So it occurred to me that I haven’t done a very good job of showcasing the physical aspect of my #weightlossjourney – I’ve talked a lot about my success with @atkinsinsider in terms of the #lowcarblifestyle but I’ve almost sort of mentioned my workouts in passing. When my journey began, I started #exercising for the first time in my life without a gym teacher forcing me to do something. I was inspired by #arthurboorman who used @ddpyoga to go from crutches to running!! They ask you to take six #progresspics on day one which I dug up and am sharing two here and then update them over time, the two on the right are me 2.5yrs later and also my new before pics. On Monday, I’m starting the new #ddpyoga 2.0 plan. I’m giving up my DVDs in favor of the #ddpyoganow app with updated workouts and my current progress pics will only serve as a milestone for where I plan to take my body to a whole new level. #ddp has an excellent nutrition plan but I’m sticking with what I know and love about #Atkins while hitting the #resetbutton on my physical fitness. I’ve been chasing down #thelasttenpounds for a while now. I lose them, they come back. I’ve worked SO hard to lose over 175 pounds, I can DO this! I’m going to share my updates here! These #weightlosstransformation pics really help me see how far I’ve come in 2.5 years – from #obese all my life to a place where my health has improved dramatically and, though I’m still working on #bodypositive #selfconfidence I can truly say I’m proud of #myjourney and what I have accomplished. I really had no idea just how much my #weight limited me in my daily life, physically, emotionally and more. Looking back at the woman I was compared to who I am today, both inside and out, is a strong #motivational factor for me. There truly is no #food worth giving up the #endlesspossibilities I have within my reach! #ownyourlife #bang #diamonddallaspage #boom #startingover #goingforit #ican #iwill

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When you start your weight loss journey, remember that it won’t happen overnight. Putting on weight happens over time and so does weight loss. Don’t push your body to extremes – your primary goal should be to live a healthier life and have a healthier body! How are you working out these days?

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