Having a new baby is a life-changing event and can be the happiest time in your life! It can also be the most stressful with a new little one around the home who will be mobile and curious before long, it’s important to take steps to keep them and your whole family safe and secure. Here are five home improvements to make the transition easier.

Improve Your Laundry Situation

You’re going to be doing a lot more laundry soon, especially if you opt for cloth diapers. Now is a good time to make sure your washer and dryer are both operating at their best. Also consider putting in an indoor clothesline, as well as clothing storage space in the laundry room and some sort of folding table. Having a wide and comfortable space for this chore can make hectic days with your newborn a little easier to manage.

Check Your Banisters

You know that one rickety banister you’ve gotten used to? Now is the time to get it fixed, before baby becomes big enough to lean on it. It will also give you a little extra security when you’re climbing the stairs with laundry, supplies, or the little one.

Install Baby Gates

Speaking of stairs. Don’t forget to pick up a few baby gates! Your baby will be mobile before you know it. Think about installing gates on the top and/or bottom of staircases, and use removable baby gates in doorways to help keep your baby safe.

Install or Upgrade Your Home Security System

If you didn’t already have a security system installed, you’re going to find yourself really wanting one now, and it’s a good idea to have one with your growing family. No matter how safe your neighborhood is, you will rest easier at night knowing you’re protected. If you already have a security system, consider upgrading it or having it checked to make sure it’s functioning optimally. You can also do some comparison shopping to see the difference between ADT and Vivint and see which options might fit your budget better.

Take Care of Those Old Repair Jobs

Do your floors need work? Got a leak that needs looking at? Be sure to take care of it now. Floors especially are an important fix to get in, since you want every surface baby rolls, crawls, and walks on to be safe. Aside from that, you’ll probably have your hands so full once the new family member arrives that you’ll have even less time to put toward those repair jobs — so best to get them out of the way now.

Install Window Guards

Making sure your windows are closed securely is very important when it comes to having a small one around. Get guards installed on all floors, even the first floor, for extra security and peace of mind.

The truth is, we never feel completely prepared when a new baby comes into our lives. But with a little preparation, and a few home improvements, we can bring them into a safe, secure home.