The holiday season is a great reason to surprise your loved one with a customized gift. A customized gift is timeless because it adds a personal touch that is tailored to your loved one. The best part is that just about any item can be customized. To help you get started on your shopping, here are 10 custom gift ideas for the holiday season.


While a customized ornament may seem common in many households, it is still a gift that holds a lot of popularity. A custom ornament is a gift that your loved one can display every holiday season. You can have an ornament customized with a name, special date, or a picture to hang on your loved one’s Christmas tree.

Decorative Pillows

A decorative pillow is ideal for anyone who enjoys adding a touch of warmth to their home. Nowadays, pillows can be personalized with pictures, illustrations, names, or special dates to represent a family or milestone. One idea is to surprise a grandparent with a pillow that features the names or pictures of their grandchildren.

Board Games

Why not put a personalized spin on classic board games to create a unique gift? Some companies offer custom board games, and all you need to do is upload your photo or text for the actual game board. Choose from traditional games such as Clue, Monopoly, and Scrabble. It is a great idea for those who enjoy hosting game nights with family and friends.


Custom drinkware is a practical but fun gift for anyone, from the coffee enthusiast to the marathon runner. You can have drinkware such as coffee mugs, travel mugs, water bottles, and shaker bottles customized with a name or graphic. One idea is to add a funny or motivational message to the drinkware, depending on the product and your recipient.


You can never go wrong with customized jewelry, which is perfect for various recipients. Surprise your favorite guy with a customized watch, or treat your teenage daughter to a monogrammed necklace. You can even order your younger child a digital watch or bracelet customized with their name. There is something about finding your name on jewelry that just feels special.

Photo Book

Another idea is to create a photo book full of special memories for your loved one. You can put together a book of wedding, holiday, or vacation photos. If your recipient is looking for a way to remember a loved one or pet after a passing, you can always put together a photo book to honor their memory. Many companies can create your photo book and ship it to your home.


Why not customize shoes with a graphic or pattern that fits your loved one’s style? You can even add a nickname to these custom shoes. Order customized shoes from well-known brands or support independent artists who offer shoe customization. This is a great way to find a gift that stands out from the crowd this holiday season, and they can show off their new shoes at the next gathering or special event.


If you are looking for a custom gift for a child, consider a personalized storybook. You can have a storybook customized with their name to make them the main character of the story. Children love to see their names in print, and your little one is sure to be excited over a storybook with their name in it. You can even look into storybooks that allow you to make their pet the main character.


A calendar is a gift that keeps on giving because your loved one can use it all year round. Therefore, you can never go wrong with a personalized calendar. You can create a calendar with photos of their favorite people, landscapes, jokes, or motivational quotes. A personalized calendar is a special item, so your loved one may consider it to be a keepsake even after the year has ended.

Phone Case

Does your loved one always have their phone on them? You may want to look into a customized phone case to protect their device while showcasing their personality. A phone case can be customized with a pattern and monogram, or you can have it personalized with a sports logo or photo of their pet. You can find a range of customized phone cases to fit various phone models.

Bottom Line

When you take the time to look into custom gifts for the holiday season, you can surprise your loved one with a gift to treasure forever.