It is very stressful to unknowingly get into a vehicle crash. The situation becomes even more terrible and stressful when the other party escapes from the scene or doesn’t stick around. Unfortunately, this occurrence is more common than you think. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to ensure your safety as well as have justice. The following precautions will help enhance your safety at the crash site. Keep reading to identify the precautions you should take and other things you can do.

Ensure that you are Safe

After the motorist leaves illegally, first examine yourself for bruises and cuts. Your safety comes first. If you’re injured, reach out to 911. If you’re in shock and incapable of making calls, you can have someone do it on your behalf. The emergency line will dispatch an ambulance and paramedics to come through for medical assistance. If you’re involved in a mishap with your private car, you can move it to a secure place in the surrounding area if possible. Park the motor vehicle in a clear space without the risk of another crash.

Stay at the Scene of the Accident

If you are involved in an accident and the driver leaves without assistance, remain at the site. It is a law provision that you don’t go. Please do not attempt to go after the motorist to impede them. The outcome of the commotion is unknown and could make the situation more dangerous. This also gives law enforcement officers ample time to carry out the necessary investigations. Proper inspection by the police will provide enough evidence in case you take the claim to court.

Gather Adequate Information

After ensuring that you are safe, take notes on all that happened. Be ready to narrate the incident to the enforcement officers. In the statement, note the other vehicle and driver if it was a car tragedy. You can capture the car model, number plate, and color. In addition, indicate the direction the motorist was fleeing to when you could finally see them. Also, you can take pictures of the car to show the destruction caused. You should not make up if you didn’t see any of this information. Request the eyewitnesses to remain behind and give their side of the story to the law enforcers.

Call the Police

Whether you are wounded or not, inform the traffic police force soon rather than later. Call them immediately because there is little the law enforcers can do if you stay for long. When police officers get on the scene within a short duration, they will get everything moving for you immediately. After they make the required assessment and inspection, you can ask for a copy of their report. If the review is not ready, you can ask when it will be ready and when it’s convenient to pick it up from their station. You can also take down their names and identification numbers to make the picking process more effortless. The police report is vital as your insurance agent may demand it before making compensation.

Contact your Insurance Company

After the police officers are done analyzing the situation, you are free to exit the crash site. At this point, you are free to reach out to your insurer. You should call on the same day as the accident to explain the occurrence in detail. Informing the insurer on this day will also ensure you don’t forget any crucial accident points. With the police findings, you can file the case on the exact day of the tragedy. The amount of reimbursement you’ll get depends on the type of indemnity. You can also file a claim against the liability coverage if the other party is found. However, if you live in Texas and need additional assistance in claiming damages, contact a Houston personal injury law firm that can help you better manage the situation.


It is vital to drive carefully and remain alert on the road. If you happen to get in a car crash where the counterpart leaves illegally, it is always best to call the police and file a report. Be sure to get your contact details and find a safe place nearby to comfortably wait for officers. If the tragedy was someone else’s fault, they should cover any damages caused.