Whether you find it difficult to get along with your spouse or you need someone on your side during your divorce, a lawyer can help. In fact, a professional has years of experience handling these matters and this can be to your benefit. Here are a few signs you need a lawyer for your divorce.

Your Spouse Hired One

If your spouse has a lawyer, this is the worst time for you to be alone. Having someone to defend you through hard times can ease stress and anxiety. An attorney can make sure you’re treated fairly even if you don’t head to court.

Custody Issues

Since sensitive issues arise when young children are involved, it’s important to have an attorney in your corner to fight for them. Although there may be complications, especially in relation to neglect or abuse, a lawyer can provide helpful legal guidance. Divorce attorneys can use their understanding of child custody laws to aid you in court if need be.


When infidelity occurs, couples can have serious problems communicating or getting along at all. Arguments can become heated and the spouse who was cheated on will usually be the one to file for divorce. If this happens, a highly experienced attorney from a firm like Hand Law, P.C. can be useful in helping you keep a distance and avoid conflict.

Property Division

Dividing assets can be complicated where divorce is concerned. For one, when one or both parties direct hostility or anger toward each other, negotiating can be impossible. Plus, you must consider whether to sell or split the properties and when they were acquired.

Domestic Violence

One of the leading causes of divorce and most common occurrences in families is domestic violence. And this is a completely valid reason to leave a relationship. If you’ve experienced domestic violence, it’s important not to feel guilty for caring about yourself and your children in this type of situation. Since it can be nearly impossible to negotiate divorce terms with an abuser, it’s vital to get a lawyer to fight for you. Abusers don’t usually change without seeking professional help so going it alone can mean you’ll be putting yourself and your children in danger.

Given these points, hiring a lawyer can make your life a lot easier. Indeed, you can let an expert negotiate with your spouse and deal with other complicated problems. And you can rest easier at night knowing a professional is there when you need them.