When you found out you were pregnant, it was likely a day full of excitement. Unfortunately, an injury you sustained while on the job has now resulted in a miscarriage. While you are of course devastated, the situation is even more stressful due to the fact that your miscarriage may have been preventable. Like any other work-related injury, you deserve compensation following your miscarriage. However, your employer may have a different opinion. As to how you should handle this situation, here are some key steps to take immediately.

Report the Accident

When you suffer a workplace accident, always report it immediately to your boss or other supervisory personnel. If you do this and later suffer a miscarriage, your accident will have been investigated and documented, which could prove critical in helping you prove the miscarriage resulted from your accident.

Seek Medical Treatment

Following your accident, always get medical treatment at your jobsite as well as at a hospital ER or your family doctor’s office. Since you are pregnant, this is extremely important. By having your injuries immediately assessed, treated, and documented in your medical records, you will have the medical evidence needed to prove the accident caused your miscarriage.

Hire an Attorney

As quickly as possible following your accident, speak to and hire an attorney from the Jeeves Law Group, P.A. who specializes in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases. Even if you know the accident is what caused your miscarriage, you will still need to prove this in court. By hiring an experienced attorney, they can begin the process of gathering evidence about the accident, the severe impact it had on your pregnancy, and details as to how the specific injury you sustained resulted in a miscarriage.

Don’t Talk to Insurance Companies

Finally, even if you have had an excellent working relationship with your employer over the years, do not assume they will be eager to accept responsibility for your accident and subsequent miscarriage. In fact, the opposite is much more likely to be true. Because of this, do not speak to insurance companies yourself. Instead, allow your attorney to handle all communications with your employer’s insurance company. Despite the traumatic event you have endured, the insurance company will still try to trick you into saying things that can be used against you in court to deny your claim.

After your miscarriage, you deserve compensation for a workplace injury that never should have occurred. To gain maximum compensation and begin the healing process, hire an attorney you can trust to fight hard for you from start to finish.