Home staging is stressful. They signify a time of change and upheaval and are very demanding on your time, patience, and financial resources. Luckily, the essential equipment needed is common and cost effective.

Trash Bags for Days

Although trash bags may seem like a ridiculous resource, they are genuinely the item you will be using the most. Part of the reason home staging is so intense is that it requires getting a lot of junk out of your house. There is no better time to organize your dusty, forgotten closet items into piles to donate, keep, and trash. Home stagings most often require minimal furniture and absolutely no clutter. Similarly, you must remove wall decorations like family photos for residence staging. This clutter clean-up is where trash bags come in handy. There is no substitute for a couple of days of hard work, organization, and dedicated minimalism.

Cleaning Supplies

Similarly, the next step to a house staging is bringing out the cleaning supplies. Cleaning is another reason home staging is so intense. Suddenly, you will be far more familiar with your baseboards and moldings. Luckily, most of these cleaning supplies are not expensive. Most people already have cleaning fluids for their cabinets and counters. However, you will probably need to hire a professional carpet cleaning team. If hiring someone is too expensive, renting professional carpet cleaning equipment is a good substitute. Clean carpets are essential for pristine staging, and it is the most challenging thing to attain for most homeowners.

Use Part of Your Home Loan for Improvement

Any home buyer or seller knows the key to successful staging is a fresh coat of paint. However, this is an essential resource that can get really expensive. One benefit is that painting the house well can boost the value of a home, so you can actually get financing for the paint through a home loan specifically for home improvements. Most home’s walls get pretty grimy, which does not translate to house sales and a quality home staging. Scratches, skid marks, and grease stains demand a fresh coat of paint. Before painting, take the time to fix up any holes or indentations. When buying the paint, choose neutral colors that complement the interior design. Exterior painting is even more intense because it requires a pressure wash, damage repair, paint removal, and a caulk trim. For most people, it is beneficial to consider consulting an agency that specializes in home loans for residential improvements to finance this expensive endeavor.

A Great Camera Stand and a Smartphone

Finally, you must have a great camera stand and access to a smartphone. One of the best things about the modern age is that quality cameras are more accessible than ever. Most smartphones will have the camera capabilities you need, so you do not have to spend money renting or buying expensive equipment. However, most people do not have a camera stand for their smartphone or camera. You will want to order a tall camera adjustable camera stand so that you can take photos from several heights and angles of your staged rooms. Depending on your budget and experience with photography, it might be beneficial to pay for a professional photographer. However, for most people, it will be worth it to learn these skills by looking at similar home staging projects.

While the essential resources for a home staging are inexpensive, it will be a time-consuming process for most people. If it is within your budget, much of this work can be outsourced, but it is exponentially more costly. However, with good time management and careful planning, this endeavor can be made much easier.