Summer means long days of warm, sunny weather. Winter’s chill can be forgotten for a while. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors, taking leisurely walks, swimming in the pool, or soaking up the sun’s rays. If you love the heat, make sure you stay safe with clothing brands that can keep you cool. Otherwise, spending an extended amount of time outside in high temperatures can put you at risk.

Keep Your Head Cool

A hat is more than a stylish accessory during the summer. You can also stay cool and protect yourself from the sun. Explore your options from NoSweat when looking for the right sweat liners. Place a liner inside your hat when you are headed out for a day in the sun. It’s perfect when you are on the tennis court, playing a few holes at the golf course, or walking on the trails in your neighborhood. If you work outdoors, consider adding a liner to your hat. You won’t have sweat running down your face from staining your favorite cap. Liners are a great option for helmets as well, whether you wear a bicycle helmet or ride a motorcycle. Make it a habit to wear a hat when you are out in the garden or spending the day outside. You’ll keep yourself from getting overheated. You’ll also reduce the risk of skin cancer on your face and scalp.

Make Your Own Cold Brew to Stay Cool

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is vital when the temperature skyrockets in the summer. That doesn’t mean you can’t choose other beverages as well. Grab a cold brew maker from Tayeka to make your favorite iced coffee. You can also make iced tea if you are up for a change. Investing in your own cold brew maker will be worth it in the long run. You’ll notice considerable savings when you don’t make purchases at the coffee shop. It’s a fast and simple way to have a cold drink when you are on the move.

Stock Up on Cooling Wraps

The innovative team at Koolgator has created a line of ice wraps that contain a cold gel. They can be worn on the neck, around the forehead, or draped on the shoulders. Choose from a variety of colors and attractive designs. All you need to do is soak it in cold water before you go. Add ice to the bowl of water to drop the temperature even more. Consider wearing an ice wrap when you are playing a sport or working outside when the heat rolls in. You’ll be able to toss it in the wash and reuse it as often as you want. Order a few when you want to have an assortment of colors to complement your outfit.

Give IBKUL a Chance to Beat the Heat

IBKUL clothing offers you a line of garments that protect against UV rays. They also use a lightweight material known as IceFil fabric. The fabric’s cooling technology makes the clothing moisture-wicking and breathable. Wearing this type of material can actually bring your body temperature down while protecting you from the sun. You’ll put comfort first when wearing a dress or top with this cooling technology.

Get Better Sleep with Bamboo Sheets

Quality sleep is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t get enough rest, it can put a strain on your body during the best of times. You don’t want to be at a disadvantage when it’s hot outside. Otherwise, you’ll be drained before you even walk out the door. Bedsure has a line of bamboo sheets that can help you to have sweet dreams. They offer you a cooling material that is breathable. Consider adding these to your linen closet if you like to leave the air conditioner off at night or it isn’t an option. You can lower your utility bill while keeping your temperature in a healthy range.

Get Relief When You Have Been Burned by the Sun

It’s all too easy to get a sunburn even when you have the best of intentions. You may not have anticipated being outside for long, your clothing might not provide you with adequate coverage, or the sunscreen could be forgotten in the cupboard at home. Make sure you have some After Sun Soother from Burt’s Bees. It contains natural ingredients that are healthy for your skin. Coconut oil and aloe vera will cool you off, give your skin hydration, and relieve some of that painful sting. Gently rub it in to pamper your skin. Wear light clothing over your burn to be more comfortable. Do your best to avoid future burns. Having After Sun Soother on hand will keep you prepared in case it happens to you or your family members again. Be proactive with Burt’s Bees calming lotion, sunscreen, and lip balm that includes SPF protection.

Take a Dip in an Inflatable Pool

A swimming pool doesn’t have to break the bank. Hesung has produced an inflatable pool that comes in at under $100. It is made from a material that will protect you from the sun’s damaging rays. You’ll need to purchase an electric pump to inflate in a few minutes. You won’t be able to dive in this small pool. However, you can pull up a lawn chair when you want to dip your feet in cool water. Sit down in the pool when the heat is too much. It’s perfect for young children as well, keeping them out of deep water when everyone needs to fight off high temperatures.

Cooling products are great accessories when summer temperatures become oppressive. Keep your water bottle filled with ice water on hand when you are headed outside. Hydration and the right kind of clothing will lower your body temperature, helping you to avoid heat-related illnesses. Don’t let the sun’s rays get the best of you. Dress wisely and avoid spending too much time outdoors when the outdoor heat is in the danger zone.