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Finding ways to stay healthy year-round is important. There are probably key wellness routines you maintain as a general rule, but did you know that each season has its own unique challenges when it comes to feeling and looking your best? Now that summer has arrived, there are steps you’ll want to consider to customize your regimen. Follow these tips for how to improve your wellness routine this summer.

Stick to a Morning Routine

Creating a morning ritual is a fantastic way to get your day going on a positive note. Waking up to a consistent routine can put you in a positive frame of mind and energize you so that you can perform your best throughout your day. Your morning routine is completely personal. You can customize it in ways that make sense for your personality, needs and lifestyle. Summer is a great time to embrace this practice as warm, sunny mornings can be incredibly inviting. Perhaps heading out for an early morning job is your cup of tea. Maybe an actual cup of tea with a book while sitting on the front porch is more your speed. Whatever you choose, try to engage in this practice daily for best results.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Foods

Eating right is an essential part of staying healthy. The abundance of seasonal foods available in the summer months make it easier and more enjoyable to get healthy this summer. A fresh fruit salad makes a wonderful snack or addition to a picnic with friends. Fresh, roasted vegetables are a perfect side dish with any meal. Plus, shopping at a local farm stand or market can be a fun activity, as well as a boost to your community’s economy.

Stay Hydrated

Summer sun and heat can take a lot out of you, literally. Along with the exhaustion you may feel after spending time in the sun, you also risk dehydration if you don’t maintain regular hydration. The best and simplest way to do this is to carry a water bottle with you throughout your day. Adding fresh fruit or juice to your water can improve the flavor if you’re someone who finds water to be a boring beverage. Try to avoid too much soda, which can disrupt your level of electrolytes.

Consider a Product That Promotes Wellness

If you aren’t getting outside as much as you’d like or feel that certain nutrients may be missing from your diet, adding a nutritional supplement can help. There are supplements you may want to consider for added protection or enhancement during this time of the year as well. Warm weather activities might leave you feeling achy and sore. A product like CBD gummies can be a natural way to alleviate this pain. To reduce bloat or gas caused by an increase in fruits and vegetables, consider digestive enzymes. Zinc can add hydration and help to protect hair that is damaged from salt or chlorine.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Good sleeping habits are also a crucial component of staying healthy this summer. You’ll need extra rest on days when the sun zaps your energy. To improve your sleep routine, go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Make sure your sleeping environment is comfortable and avoid electronics before bed if possible.

Move Your Body

Summer is an ideal time to shake up your exercise routine or to start one if you haven’t already. Warmer weather invites fun outdoor activities like hiking, swimming or sports. Even just taking a short walk can make a difference. Plus, your body will thank you for the Vitamin D you get from the sun’s rays.

Protect Your Skin

While Vitamin D is essential for your health, too much sun can be detrimental. Its UV rays can damage your skin, so be sure to wear a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. This is something you should do all year long, but is especially necessary when spending extended time outdoors and to protect against summer’s increasingly strong rays.


Keep these suggestions in mind as you’re gearing up for the warm weather season. Hot summer days take a lot out of your body. It’s crucial that you take steps to return essential vitamins and nutrients to your system if you want to feel your best. Adding these habits to your summer wellness routine are a good start to doing just that.