Typically, gardening is an exciting adventure and a great way to have fun outdoors. You will enjoy the satisfaction of growing your food and flowers, wanting nothing more than to spend time in the garden and nature. That is unless you are new to gardening and don’t know what you should start with when starting your home garden.

When starting your home garden, you must stock up on some items. Most of these items are available at any local hardware store and will vary depending on what type of plants you intend to grow. Here are a few common items you should consider purchasing when starting your home garden:

1. Row Cover Fabric

Row cover fabric is a lightweight material that covers rows of plants in your garden. Typically, row covers are placed over seedlings and young transplants to protect them from harsh weather. Row covers can also be used on top of existing plants to protect them from wind, sun, or pests. You can also find specialty row covers with cooling properties that can extend the growing season or help produce earlier crops.

2. Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves will come in handy when handling dirt, rocks, and stumps. These gloves protect your hands from any scratches, cuts, or bruises. You can buy gloves in most local gardening supply stores and find them online for an added cost.

3. Garden Hose

You must purchase a garden hose to water the plants in your garden. You can find many types of hoses at your local hardware store and online for a bit more money than what you would pay at the grocery store for such a product.

4. Peat Moss Spreader

You will need some way to spread the peat moss in your garden. You will find many spreaders at your local hardware store and online. For the best peat moss spreader, take your time and choose a spreader that will fit your needs and garden.

5. Pruners

Pruners are an excellent tool in your garden when you need to trim plants, vines, and even hedges. The entire pruning system can be very detailed, but generally speaking, it involves cutting off the branches of the plant that are unhealthy or don’t want to grow healthy fruit. You can also purchase pruning tools online or in local gardening supply stores.

6. Hand Trowel

Hand trowels are some of the essential tools that all gardeners need to have. The hand trowel is used for digging, planting, and weeding. Digging a good amount of soil can be hard work, and outdoor gardeners will find it helpful to have a hand trowel that is both durable and light in weight.

7. Watering Can

You can use a watering can for water plantings and slaking the soil around your plants to keep the roots moist. A high-pressure watering can help give you better control over the amount of water you are laying into your garden.

8. Spade

A shovel is also a vital tool for the home gardener. It helps in mixing the soil, digging in the ground, and generally “laying to rest” all your plants. A good garden spade will have a grip made from wood or plastic and convenient pockets on both sides to store soil, tools, and other items needed.

9. Rake

A rake helps with loosening soil and has small curved tines that help eliminate unwanted debris from large debris such as sticks and twigs. You will find these types of rakes at the local hardware store or online for an affordable cost.

10. Hoe

A hoe is an excellent tool in your garden when you need to cut off weeds by digging a small trench around the plants and vegetables you want to protect. A pleasing hoe will have a sharp blade that can quickly work any unwanted weeds.


These are just a few items that will come in handy when starting your home garden. You can always look online for other necessary items, including more advanced ones. Just be sure to take it slow and begin with simple gardening projects before trying something more advanced such as landscaping or ornamental gardening.