Dealing with the hair left behind by pets bothers many homes that keep animals. Cats and dogs, especially those with long fur, lose their undercoats during the warmer months. 

The following is a list of many methods that may be used to protect your furniture against hair.

1. Cover the Furniture

The greatest advice, and the one that requires the least work, is to cover your furniture to protect it from your dog, especially when your pet is temporarily left home alone. This may conjure up images of your grandmother’s plastic coverings for all the furniture, but there are plenty of contemporary alternatives. You may cover your furniture with tarps to prevent pet hair from sticking to the sofa.

2. Avoid Bare Wood If Your Dog Is a Chewer

Steer clear of wooden furniture if you don’t want the hassle of coming home to find the legs of your chairs chewed up. Young pups often show an interest in wood, especially when lying on the ground and table legs are within easy reach. 

It might be challenging to train a dog not to chew, especially if they do it while you’re not there to supervise them. One solution that may be used to prevent dogs from chewing on wood furniture is a spray made from bitter apple. You spray it on the legs of the table so that your dog will be discouraged from chewing on them.

If you discover that your dog is particularly destructive while you are gone, you may want to try crate training until you have a better grasp on the matter. If you find that your dog is especially destructive while you are gone. If your dog continues to chew on wood, it will not only ruin the furniture you have made of wood but also put your dog’s health in danger.

3. Clean Routinely

The longer fur remains on a cushion, the greater the likelihood it will get ingrained in the fabric. Vacuuming reduces this. Many vacuums have pet hair attachments, or you may purchase a portable device intended for the task. Also, make sure to clean any washable objects, such as the sofa cover, regularly. This can help prevent pet scents from settling into your furniture permanently.

It is not difficult to safeguard bedding from dogs; place an old sheet or blanket on top of the bedding that is currently in use. When you have visitors over, it is simple to remove, and you can wash it whenever you need to. On trips, always carry a blanket that has just been washed to use in the hotel or guest bed.

4. Groom Your Dog Regularly to Reduce Shedding

Regular grooming is the only method that reduces excessive shedding. Bathing and brushing your dog can assist in reducing the amount of excess hair. Get a de-shedding gadget like the FURminator if you have a dog that sheds excessively and vacuums often to reduce stray hairs.

Regular nail trims will reduce the risk of your furniture being scratched. If you discover that your dog’s short nails are still very sharp, you may file the tips to make them more rounded. If you’re experiencing excessive shedding, sorry, but there are some easy solutions for cleaning up pet hair.

Using scat mats is a waste of time and money, and some dogs are even afraid of them. Shocking dogs is not the only method for teaching them new actions; other methods are simpler, faster, and more compassionate. Additionally, shrieking and shouting at your dog will only serve to confuse him. Instead of doing what he was doing, teach him to do something different.


If you love animals but are worried about pet hair, you may take precautions to avoid the hair getting all over the house. Use the above tips to help you protect your furniture from pet hair.