getting a back massage

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More people are unhappy and stressed in their current jobs than ever before. People are leaving the workplace, starting their own businesses, and prioritizing personal and family commitments over careers. Employers need to figure out how to address the low employee satisfaction and levels of stress present in the workplace.

Most people do not have time for a regular massage in a spa or clinic. Corporate chair massages eliminate the need to travel. They also make the massage convenient for employees. Some people are not comfortable visiting a spa and undressing for a massage. A corporate chair massage can help relax employees and has other health benefits.

Lower Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that in corporate work areas, employees who received a corporate chair massage regularly had, on average, a 6% drop in blood pressure. This reduced blood pressure can be the difference between normal pressure and hypertensive blood pressure. After treatment stopped, employees continued to have lower blood pressure for several weeks.

Reduces Stress and Improves Mental Health

Studies have shown that stress levels can be reduced by 85% following a chair massage. Office massages also reduce anxiety by 26%, and depression improved by 28%. Less stress, anxiety, and depression will leave employees better able to handle projects.

Better Thinking

Simple, ten-minute chair massages improve problem-solving abilities. One study in American Psychologists gave one group of workers a 15-minute massage, and another group received a 15-minute rest. Following the 15 minutes, the massage group solved problems better than the control group. Other studies show chair massages improve speed, accuracy, and alertness in work settings.

Increase Productivity

A short message can significantly reduce anxiety, pain, and muscle tension. Massages can relieve tension headaches and improve sleep quality. The average improvement in sleep quality in studies was 28%. Employees had longer sleep duration and fewer disturbances in their sleep. All of this leads to better employee productivity. Employees are more likely to work harder for organizations that treat them well. Corporate massages help employees feel valued and allow them to focus on their work.

Prevent Strain Injuries

Employees doing repetitive movements, such as typing or programming, benefit from weekly chair massages. The massages reduce repetitive stress injuries by 37%. People with carpal tunnel and tendonitis have seen a decrease in pain of 14%.

Attract New Employees/Retain the Current

There are many fun and creative ways to recruit new employees. Offering corporate massages is an attractive benefit for new employees. Employee retention rates are low in today’s workforce. Offering regular massages is a great way to keep the current employees happy and efficient. 

Reduce Health Care Costs

A recent study shows that, after receiving corporate chair massages, employees spent 31% less on doctor’s visits and prescription medication relating to lower back pain. Employees have seen some more expensive health conditions improve with regular massage. Fewer health conditions reduce costs to employees and employers alike.

Decrease Worker’s Compensation Claims

Health care concerns decrease with regular corporate chair massages, and worker’s compensation claims are also reduced. Companies consistently pay lower payments for workers’ compensation.

Employees have shared that they look forward to massage day each week. They appreciate being treated well. Employers who take the time to invest in their employees with corporate chair massages will reap many benefits when offering chair massages.