Nothing feels better than freshly waxed legs, but nothing feels worse than when your smooth skin erupts with painful ingrown hairs. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to prevent ingrown hairs and avoid the risk of infection and scarring that comes with them. Before you make your next waxing appointment, consider these tips to prevent ingrown hairs.

Exfoliate Skin Before Your Wax

Coming to the salon with exfoliated skin can give you a head start in your battle against the bumps. Use a gentle sugar scrub or exfoliating pad the night before your appointment to remove all the dead skin, excess sebum and debris from your legs. Exfoliating not only prevents ingrown hairs but also helps the wax adhere better to even the shortest hairs.

Request the Right Type of Wax

Although cold waxing has become more popular in recent years, hot wax is better at removing hair completely and results in fewer ingrown hairs. When you book your appointment, make sure to ask for hot wax. If you’re using hot wax at home, prevent burns by checking the temperature of the wax with a thermometer. Stir the wax thoroughly before applying to avoid hot spots.

Keep Skin Moisturized

The work of preventing ingrown hairs isn’t done once your appointment is over. It’s important to keep skin moisturized after leg waxing to prevent the dry, flaky skin that can clog follicles and lead to ingrown hairs. Irritation can make ingrown hairs worse or lead to infections, so choose a rich moisturizer that’s free of fragrances, dyes, essential oils and other ingredients that can aggravate newly waxed skin.

Use a Product to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

If exfoliating and moisturizing isn’t enough to keep the bumps at bay, there are many products on the market that specifically target ingrown hairs. These products usually come in the form of serums or creams that prevent dead skin, sebum and other debris from building up in the hair follicle. Some of these products also make the hairs thinner, which can extend the time between waxing appointments as well as prevent ingrown hairs.

Remember, the best way to prevent ingrown hairs and other problems that are commonly associated with waxing is to have your wax done by a trained professional. Waxing at home with a kit from the drugstore can save money in the short term, but the effects of improper waxing, such as scars and discoloration, can be expensive and painful to treat. Professional waxing combined with proper aftercare will give you the quality results you’re looking for.

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