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Starting a business is a huge decision. While the idea of instantly turning a hobby into a business honestly sounds like a grand idea, there is a lot that needs to be taken into account. Sure, entrepreneurs seem to have this glamorous image, but it’s not entirely the case unless you somehow make it super big. There’s a lot of planning, strategizing, and even some overthinking when it comes to opening a business.

While you could say “I’m going to start a business”, you need to know the amount of work, money, and dedication that has to go into it before you can get started. Plus, you can’t just immediately assume that it’s going to be a major hit. That rarely ever happens. If you’re not careful, you could end up making these six mistakes and never get started.

1) You don’t have enough money to get started

Nearly all businesses are going to need money in order to properly start it up. Very rarely, are there businesses where you won’t need capital? Even if it isn’t money per se, you’re still going to need specific tools. Starting up a business is expensive. Most businesses, especially those that are not online-based, are going to need money in order to start up. But, even some online-based ones will need it too, such as a website or graphic designer.

2) You think you need to be perfect before starting your business

Understandably, you want to make everything appear as smooth as possible. That is something that is entirely understandable. But even if you’re looking into healthcare private equity firm or you’re business is in the healthcare industry, just know that not every little thing can be top-notch perfection. Trying to aim toward perfection is only going to make you more held back when you’re trying to reach your goal.

3) You are afraid of failure

Failure is scary, it can be terrifying. But, the idea of failure can hold you back, and that is something that you’re definitely going to want to try to avoid by any means necessary. But, how can you avoid this fear? Well, it’s best to just not try to overthink it. You can look into other mistakes small business owners made that led to their demise, and that alone should help in avoiding any type of failure.

4) You are afraid of success

Maybe you’ve seen TikToks of small business owners getting hundreds, maybe even a thousand orders in one week, maybe even one day. This can be thrilling, but at the same time, it can be so terrifying. It’s not so much that the idea of success is scary, it’s just trying to maintain that level of success or even just trying to manage customer expectations. 

When it comes to businesses, specifically small businesses, they tend to have a lot more to lose compared to larger businesses. So yes, get too successful can be scary because how much you have to lose if you make a mistake.