Wooden cottage in the Dolomites in the spring, Italy

The mountains are calling, and it’s time to explore. Sure, long walks on the beach are great, but if oppressive heat and sandy sheets are getting a bit stale, a mountain getaway may be your perfect vacation spot. Not only do mountain homes often offer much more than beach homes and at better price points but waking up to perfect weather and the serene sounds of a cascading mountain stream are pretty tough to beat. Here are some more wonderful reasons to consider the mountains for your next vacation home.

Peace and Relaxation

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation from your vacation? With a quiet mountain home, there’s no hustle and bustle or list of activities and attractions to shuttle the family to and from. There’s nothing but nature, and the time spent there can be more relaxing than anywhere else.

Endless Outdoor Activities

While peace and relaxation are always at the doorstep of a mountain vacation home, so too are hiking trails, rivers, ski resorts, campsites, and endless other outdoor activities. If your mountain home comes with some land, as many do, then your recreational opportunities can also include four-wheeling, hunting, fishing, archery, badminton, and whatever else you could possibly want to do.

Beauty is Everywhere

In the mountains, beauty is all around you. From meandering mountain rivers and streams to wildlife and the changing seasons, spending time in the mountains is simply a beautiful experience. Some lucky buyers may even find a mountain property with a creek, boulders, and waterfalls nearby to explore and enjoy or vistas that would make Ansel Adams envious.

Room to Spread Out

As mentioned above, mountain homes typically come with much more land than beach homes and other vacation properties. Whether it’s rustic or brand new, it’s not hard to find a mountain cabin with several acres of land. Plus, the price per acre and square foot are usually much less, providing both value and room to spread out.

Warm and Cozy Feel

Vacation homes at the beach or in the city can feel cold and sterile. Mountain vacation homes, on the other hand, are often brimming with various wood, stone, and ironwork to create a modern rustic look and warm, cozy feel.

There’s nothing like getting back to nature, and nowhere is nature more stunning than in the mountains. Whether it’s the view, the quiet, or the activities, whatever your reasons for wanting a mountain vacation home, they are more than justified. Now, you just have to find the right one!