Botox can be an effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging, but how long will it really last? While this question is the most commonly asked FAQ about botox, there’s no simple answer. The results you can expect to see from your botox injection will vary based on a variety of factors, including the area treated and your genetics. Here’s what you need to know about how long botox lasts and when you may need to come back in for another treatment:

Look Younger With Botox

Getting regular injections of botulinum toxin (botox) has been shown to dramatically reduce wrinkles and make skin look younger. As an added bonus, it’s also used to treat headaches, dizziness, muscle spasms, and overactive bladder symptoms. If you’ve considered trying botox for cosmetic or medical purposes, it’s important to know all the details involved.

How long does botox last?

There’s no doubt that botulinum toxin is an effective solution for fine lines and wrinkles. When used in cosmetic surgeries, botox doesn’t go away at a fixed point in time. The amount of time it remains effective on your face depends on how deep your wrinkles are and where they are located on your face.

According to experts, botox lasts an average of 6 months to 2 years for crow’s feet. To get the most benefit from your botox, you may want to return after 12 months.

What factors affect botox?

Many factors affect the potency of botox. Before you can determine how long it will last consider the following: the skill of the doctor in placing and mixing the botox, your body’s metabolism, the potency of each vial used in each session, the local weather conditions, your lifestyle, etc. If you’re getting botox for the first time, it’s essential that you trust your surgery with a board-certified professional to reduce the risk involved.

Moreover, experts recommend starting your first botox treatment with a small dose at first. This will help your body adjust to the treatment before you attempt to try it on a larger scale.

Botox affects different people in various ways. While it does not last forever in your body, the effects can last from months to years. Keep this information in mind as you learn more about if botox is right for you.