While you may have told someone plenty of times to have a good night and not let the bed bugs bite, the fact is having an infestation of these pests can be one of the most frustrating things you will ever encounter. Once these pests get established in your home, even the best pest control experts will admit it takes time, patience, and skill to make your home once again pest-free. To know whether or not you have this type of pest infestation, here are five signs that will indicate you’ve got a problem.

Strange Odors

When these bugs are present, you may notice unusual odors in your home that have no obvious cause. In most cases, you will notice your bed has a musty smell or smells like wet laundry, rust, or mold. As to where the odor originates, it is coming from the bugs themselves, since they emit pheromones when they are being bothered or threatened.

Small, Red Bumps

When you wake up and have red bumps on your hands, arms, and legs that are small, itchy, and were not there when you went to bed, this means bed bugs were hard at work biting you throughout the night. Just like vampires, they were feeding on your blood while you were sleeping.

Red Stains on Bedsheets

After these pests get full on your blood, they become gorged. When you toss and turn at night, you roll over and crush them. The result is red stains on your bedsheets, which are the leftovers from the bugs that got crushed overnight. Once you notice such stains in your bed, first check your body to make sure you don’t have a cut or scab that started bleeding overnight. If you don’t, it’s from the bugs.

Bug Eggs

Yes, these pests will lay their eggs in your bed while you sleep. Though very small, they will still be visible to the naked eye. Looking like tiny grains of rice, they will be about the size of a pinhead.

The Bugs Themselves

The most obvious sign you have a bed bug problem will be the bed bugs themselves. Though these pests love to hide most of the time, they will start moving around when they are hungry or pregnant. If you see what appears to be small seeds moving about your bed, you’ve got an infestation.

If you notice one or more of these signs, don’t procrastinate. Instead, call on pest control experts who know how to deal specifically with these infestations.