Like most households across the country, you depend on your water heater to deliver hot water when you need it. Without a reliable source of hot water, washing, bathing, and cleaning would be more difficult and a lot less sanitary.

Hot water is a necessity that people have come to depend on, and when your water heater fails, it can be a very challenging and difficult situation. But what happens when you lose power to your home? Will your water heater work without electricity? Here’s the answer to that question and a lot more.

Understanding the Different Types of Water Heaters

Gas and Electric are the two most common water heaters found in most homes across the country. There are other types of water heaters that run on solar power or indirect heat, but these types of water heaters are uncommon.

Gas water heaters run on natural gas, propane, or other combustible fuels that burn gas to heat the water in the tank.

There are different types of electric water heaters, but they all use electricity for heating water in the tank. There are also tankless gas and tankless electric water heaters as well as conventional gas and conventional electric water heaters.

Will a Water Heater Work Without Electricity?

If you have a conventional gas water heater, it can still work without electricity because it uses gas to heat the water. Keep in mind that many conventional gas heaters use electricity to ignite the gas or pilot light. If the pilot light goes out during a power outage, the water heater will not work unless you manually light the pilot or wait for the power to come back on to ignite the gas or pilot.

The best way to ensure your water heater is working correctly and your pilot light is working as it should is with professional water heater repair, maintenance, and service. Keeping the electrical components well maintained is the best way to ensure your water heater will work correctly before, during, and after a power outage.

Electric water heaters, as well as gas and electric tankless water heaters, will not work without electricity. While tankless gas water heaters use gas to heat the water, they require electricity to power the hardware and other electrical components necessary for the water heating process.

If you live in an area that suffers from frequent power outages due to snow, wind, and other types of severe weather, then invest in a water heater that uses gas and has a pilot light that can be lit manually. No matter what type of water heater you choose, you should always keep it well maintained and serviced by a professional for optimum performance and longevity.

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