Kratom is gradually gaining popularity among American consumers, with 2019 statistics showing that approximately 0.8% of American adults (two million individuals) consume kratom regularly. However, the COVID-19 outbreak disrupted business in the burgeoning kratom industry, creating some hiccups in the supply chain.

Consequently, regular kratom fans are having a somewhat difficult time finding where to get red maeng da dosage guide. Shortages in supply due to movement restrictions may cause adulterated kratom products to hit the market. Limiting movement to avoid contracting the COVID-19 virus also makes kratom inaccessible. If you can’t find your product from your local vendor, follow the tips below to ensure you don’t run out of stock:

Shop For Kratom Online

Your top priority during this pandemic should be preserving your health and that of your family or roommates. But cramming along aisles with fellow kratom consumers trying to replenish their kratom stocks is not the smartest thing to do amid a highly contagious virus outbreak. It would be best to consider shopping online to avoid possible COVID-19 transmission from contact with infected individuals in crowded places.

Besides the safety factor, shopping for kratom also saves you money as follows. Online shops typically have lower overhead costs allowing them to price their products more affordable than brick-and-mortar retail stores. 

The internet also creates a direct link between kratom producers and consumers, meaning you can buy your kratom stash directly, cutting the middlemen who inflate kratom retail prices. It is also easier to compare prices when shopping online than in brick-and-mortar stores and get better deals.

Note that the kratom industry remains highly unregulated. Consequently, the FDA has continually warned kratom consumers against consuming kratom products by specific kratom brands after finding contaminants in the said brands’ raw materials and final products.

Consumers should take precautions when shopping online for kratom to avoid low-quality products. Ensure you only purchase lab-tested kratom free of contaminants. Certified labs offer independent kratom testing to confirm kratom strains and their alkaloid content and strength. They also test for heavy metals, pathogenic microorganisms like salmonella, and adulterants that unscrupulous producers use in their products.

Besides lab tests, read on-page and off-page user reviews about user experiences after buying kratom from specific manufacturers and vendors. It would be best if you only bought kratom from brands with stellar customer service reviews, particularly their availability and handling of complaints.

Buy In Bulk

Kratom is not the cheapest herbal remedy, meaning every saving opportunity counts. So, besides shopping online, you can also shop in bulk to capitalize on savings. Shopping in bulk earns you a discount per unit of an item within your purchase, making the shopping strategy more effective than buying single-unit items at the recommended retail price.

Bulk purchasing is also convenient, saving you frequent trips to your local kratom store and hefty shipping fees from repeat online kratom purchases. A one-off delivery fee should boost the savings on your kratom budget.

Create Your Kratom Stockpile

According to one kratom supply and consumption report, a possible kratom shortage is looming due to COVID-19. Kratom grows and thrives exclusively in Southeast Asia due to the humid and tropical climate in the region. Unfortunately, such microclimates are unavailable in the USA, and the herb’s US-based producers are yet to replicate such conditions in a controlled setting; hence have to rely on imports.

Lockdown rules in Southeast Asia also reduce the labor force available to harvest and cure the maritime leaves, reducing the total output available for exportation. Essentially, the pandemic has disrupted the kratom supply chain, and the chances of its consumers experiencing the herb’s shortages are pretty high.

Kratom exists in different strains, each featuring a predominant effect like pain relief, anxiety relief, sedation, or physical and mental stimulation. Therefore, as a kratom consumer, you probably have your preferred strains for specific therapeutic effects. Second, kratom delivers individual-specific effects, meaning that two distinct strains sharing a dominant therapeutic property may trigger different reactions when taken by one individual.

The last thing you would want is your favorite kratom strain to run out of stock, leaving you to start experimenting with strains that may not work well for you. You can utilize smart shopping strategies like online and bulk purchases to create a stockpile of your favorite kratom strains by trustworthy kratom brands.

Decontaminate Your Package Before Handling

Most trustworthy kratom brands disclose the measures they have instituted at their production sites and warehouses to prevent COVID-19 transmission between staff. They also have safety measures to prevent transmission between delivery people and customers.

Such measures include:

  • Constantly sanitizing.
  • Practicing social distancing.
  • Wearing personal protective equipment (PPEs).
  • Sanitizing packages.
  • Facilitating ample airflow within the workplace.

But while kratom vendors are responsible for ensuring your safety, you also have a personal responsibility to protect yourself.

To keep safe, ensure you wear your PPE while receiving your kratom delivery. You should also wipe down the delivery and product packages to kill any live viruses; some experts recommend waiting a few days to ensure any surviving COVID-19 viruses die. 

Wash Your Hands And Sanitize Frequently

The COVID-19 virus is frustratingly resilient, remaining viable on surfaces for up to nine days. Therefore, sanitizing your package may not be enough. 


The pandemic has disrupted so many things, but your regular kratom intake does not have to be another disrupted routine.