After a whole night of partying and smoking weed, you probably feel like you slept the entire night in the desert due to the fatigue and the mental fog. Even more, you have a mildly nauseating feeling that doesn’t seem to fade. This is a result of a cannabis hangover. 

What is a cannabis hangover? You ask. Well, just as the name suggests, it is a hangover from cannabis that can hit you the next day after consuming cannabis. It manifests itself in the form of adverse physical symptoms. The exact cause of the weed hangover? Still unknown yet. 

If you have some work to do, you need to get rid of the hangover first. So, what should you do when you wake up to a cannabis hangover? Take a look at these top five remedies:

Take Pure CBD 

Studies show that CBD may minimize the unwanted effects of cannabis. It contains chemicals that might help get rid of cannabis side effects. So, if you wake up with a hangover, just take some pure CBD, and you should feel better in just under an hour. 

However, you want to avoid taking psychedelics which elevates the trip’s intensity. Although you can find sensi seeds cannabis seedbank collection, you must only pair it wisely to enjoy more potent effects. 

CBD is effective because it treats common symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, high blood sugar levels, nausea, and more. It is rich in anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, antidepressant, and anti-anxiety effects. So, taking CBD may help you relax and alleviate the symptoms of a hangover.

Take a Cold Shower

Feeling sleepy and groggy is common when dealing with hangovers. However, taking a cold shower should be one of the popular solutions for this symptom. But why cold water and not hot water?

For starters, water has some therapeutic power and has been used for healing purposes for centuries. Taking a shower, especially a cold one can help you jumpstart your day by kicking out the fatigue and headaches caused by a hangover.

Coldwater is advisable since it reduces the speed at which nerves transmit signals to the rest of your body. So, the headache eases since the nerves reduce the transmission of pain signals to your brain. This helps your muscles to relax almost immediately after you leave the shower.

Taking a hot shower is not advisable, especially when dehydrated, as it can trigger collapse. Unlike cold water, hot water causes your blood vessels to expand, reducing your blood pressure. Nevertheless, cold showers should not be the first remedy for heart problems as they can cause shock.

Take A Healthy Breakfast

After taking a long shower, don’t rush to take the snacks leftover from last night’s party. Instead, take time to prepare a healthy, balanced diet for breakfast. 

Preparing a cup of tea with eggs and bread is one way to get started for the day. Alternatively, you can prepare a bowl of fruit salad accompanied by a glass of freshly blended fruit juice. 

Taking a massive bowl of dry cereal with low-fat dairy milk is another option that can help you kick out a hangover. Your mood immediately improves after you’re done with that heavy breakfast.

Take Plenty of Water and Exercise

Drinking just 500ml of water can increase metabolism by up to 30%. This is crucial since increased metabolism helps wash the cannabinoids from your system much faster. So, drink plenty of water or lemon tea to get rid of your hangover. Being well hydrated will help you deal with that headache that won’t just disappear.

Hydrating also helps to reduce headaches, dry mouth, and dry eyes. Besides, drinking at least eight glasses of water every day cleanses the bladder and ensures glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Combining exercise with hydration is an excellent hangover remedy. If you don’t want to sleep off the hangover, you could try exercising. Hitting the gym or doing exercises that will make you sweat is a great way to boost your metabolism. This ensures adequate blood flow throughout the body, and sweating exposes your pores to release waste. Exercising will eliminate your hangover, increase your moods and lift you from the hangover fog.

Get Adequate Sleep

Do not try partying the entire Sunday night while taking cannabis if your Monday schedule does not allow you to rest and sleep adequately. Cannabis can give many people morning fog. If you wake up with a cannabis hangover, just get more sleep and rest, and you’ll feel better in a few hours.

Sometimes, you get a throbbing headache that just won’t let you sleep. It is advisable to take painkillers to ease the persistent headache in such a case. This should allow you to sleep peacefully so that your body can rejuvenate.

The severity of the headache usually depends on the dosage of cannabis one takes, but painkillers should work regardless. If the symptoms persist even after taking painkillers, you should visit your physician for further assistance.


Cannabis has many medicinal and recreational benefits. Although due to lack of knowledge on dosing, most people take heavy doses or even mix it with other drugs only to wake up to painfully uncomfortable hangovers. If you find yourself with a hangover after taking cannabis, just follow the above tips, and you should be good to go in a few hours.