four different iphone cases being held

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Having an iPhone case that is customized is a great way to express your personality through the device. Having a wide variety of options available to make a customized case can also be given as a gift to others. If you are in search of the perfect iPhone case that provides a personal touch, here are a few design ideas for custom iPhone cases that are popular today.

Custom iPhone Name Case

No matter how your name is written, the fact of seeing your name inscribed on your iPhone case will speak volumes. Seeing it will easily make you feel proud as it showcases you as the owner of the iPhone. You can also have just your initials engraved or a nickname if you wish to hide your true identity.

When you personalize your case with your name, the options of customization normally involve the font color, font type, and font size. Besides these fonts, you can also decide to use a customized name case that is either solid, transparent, or embossed.

Nevertheless, you will need to verify if your specific customization is available through your local seller. If the name inscription option is available, make sure to change up the background and color so that your name will become visible.

Incorporate A Personal Design

When you are in search of an iPhone case, you will love the idea of incorporating a personal design by using available templates and designs. When you wish to make a personal change to an existing design template, you are now able to by designing your own case. You are also able to upgrade an existing design with personal touches. So that way your case looks exactly how you envisioned it. A great example is by searching online for customized cases that allow you to implement a personal design into available backgrounds. Once you have your personally designed iPhone case, you can then match your home screen for even more personalization.

Incorporate Photos

When you have plenty of printed photos laying around and you are trying to decide on what to do with them, then putting them on your iPhone case will work perfectly. Not only will your case have a personal touch, but its appearance will be glossy and smooth. Because of the possibility of covering the entire case, it is important to have a photo that is clear so that the result you are after can be achieved. Also, try to stay away from images that are landscapes or close-ups since the iPhone cases are shaped vertically.

Portraits That Are Hand-Drawn

When you want to add a customization that no one else can claim, then opting for a portrait that is hand-drawn will be the way to go. You just need to send your photo and case to an artist who offers this customization and they will help to create an immortalization that will last. You can use any photo so the options are limitless.

Of course, you will be paying a bit more than normal in order to enjoy this custom design. But the best part is that you will have a truly unique iPhone case. The cost will be dependent upon several details so it is important to have all things considered if going with this customization option.

Make sure that you provide enough time for the artist to be prepared and have a design laid out for you so that it can be printed when it is ready.

Incorporate Charms For A Stylish Effect

Now that you have a custom iPhone case, you can now choose to personalize it further by adding charms.

This custom design is similar to the way you enjoy bracelets and necklaces and allows you to incorporate a charm that provides a bit of sentimental value or symbolism. Your charm can also be colorful and include beads. The material used will determine the price and can vary between metal and plastic.


As opposed to purchasing a plane iPhone case, you can easily have a customized case designed that will allow your personality to shine. You will love how easy it is to customize your case as well as the good feeling others will get when they receive one as a gift.