Meeting new people isn’t always easy, especially in a big city where you don’t know how to start. However, your dating life doesn’t have to take a backseat just because you’re feeling a little lost. Instead, you can actively try to meet potential partners with these tips.

Start Playing a Team Sport

If you’re a sports kind of person, joining a local team for your favorite sport could be a great way to meet other people. On top of that, you’ll be improving your physical health. Teams tend to stick together regardless of what level they’re playing at, so you can be sure you’ll end up with some valuable connections.

Going to practice regularly gives you a chance to see your crush, too, and feel out the chemistry before you ask them out. As well as that, it gives you and your potential love interest something in common right from the start.

Go Online

In the modern world, the easiest way to meet new people is to sign up for a dating app. However, most people on dating apps aren’t looking for anything serious, and you can’t really tell if you’ll be a good match with someone because they’re based on physical attraction.

If you’re ready for a commitment and value other things than physical appearance more, perhaps it would be better to skip this tip. On the other hand, if it sounds like something up your alley and you want to get to know the city and the people that live in it, dating apps can be very fulfilling.

One of the best parts of dating apps is that most of them are completely free. Some offer subscriptions with added features, which is great for people who want more control in the app. It allows you to tailor your dating experience and stay safe regardless of where you are.


Not only is volunteering an excellent way to contribute to your community, but it’s also one of the best ways to meet new people. If you’re altruistic, you’re likely to meet a potential partner with the same core values. Hard work and doing good has the power to bring people together, so you and your potential partner will start thinking and working as a team before you even start dating.

Volunteering organizations also tend to have a great sense of comradery, so at the very least, you may end up with great new friends that you’ll hang out with even after you’re done volunteering. Who knows, they might even end up setting you up with someone. It’s all about making connections.

You can usually find good organizations and social programs in your community through social media and google.

Try an Agency

If you’re looking for something serious and don’t feel like hopping from one date to the next, turning to an agency is your best bet. This is especially true if you’re a gay man, as it can be harder to find other compatible queer folks when they’re scattered all over a big. Agencies have unique access to databases filled with men who are looking for the same things as you, so you don’t have to search far and wide for them.

Gay dating in New York, Melbourne, London, or any other big city no longer has to be a challenge. All you have to do is give the agency your personal information, tell them what you’re looking for, and let them do the heavy lifting. The biggest benefit of this method is that you instantly get matched with people also wanting something serious, so you know that the relationship has a future from the start.

Take Up a Hobby

Starting a new hobby is a great way to meet new people of all genders and sexual orientations. Whether you take up sculpting, dancing, cooking, or something else entirely, you’re sure to end up in a group with like-minded people. The biggest benefit of huge cities is that they have a hobby class at every corner.

Meeting someone this way already gives you something in common with a potential partner. On top of that, it works great for people who like to take things slow and get to know others before they start dating. This is because you’ll get a feel for your dynamic and because you’ll have a reason to see the potential love interest on a weekly basis without any pressure from either side.


As you can see, meeting new people doesn’t have to be scary or hard. These tips will put you in the vicinity of like-minded individuals and allow you to explore all sorts of romantic relationships. If nothing else, you’ll expand your social circle and gain quite the confidence boost in the process.