10 Prizes Kids Love As a Classroom Reward

Finding fun games for your students to play can be difficult. Getting them engaged with the content and having fun can be a difficult task. One way to do so is to provide an incentive for winning the game. These 10 prizes are great prizes to giveaway to your students in a classroom setting.

1. Candy

Candy is a prize that will motivate students of any age. If you regularly play games in your classroom, then you should try and have some candy around to reward your students. It is a cheap and easy prize to give to your students, and your students will always want to earn some candy.

2. Toys

Toys such as plush balls and Slinkys could be cool toys to give to your students. Those toys were around for the older generations, so it could be a cool way to introduce your students to older toys.

3. Decorative Pens

Stylish pens, and pens that have cool endcaps, could be a great prize to give to your students. It will give them extra writing utensils, and your students may not be super upset if they lose out on getting a pen.

4. Stickers

Stickers are a great prize to give to your students. They can use the stickers to put on their notebooks and backpacks. Die cut stickers are great to give to your students. These stickers have fun designs and are cheap.

5. Erasers

Erasers can come off as a boring prize to give to your students. However, there are erasers that are cool. Erasers that resemble superheroes and other television characters can come off as cool to your students. It will also give them something cool to look at when they are writing.

6. Notepads

A colorful notepad could be a cool prize to give to your students. There are notepads that have colored paper that could be used for drawing, and there are notepads that are in the shape of famous television characters. Like the erasers, notepads may not be a glamorous prize, but your students can appreciate them.

7. Keychains

Keychains could be a great prize to give your students. They could use the keychains to hang on their backpacks or lunchboxes. The keychains can also give them an opportunity to express themselves and hang other items on them off their backpacks and lunchboxes.

8. Bouncy Balls

Bouncy balls are a risky prize to give to your students. If you are teaching younger students, then you may not want to use these as potential prizes. This is because younger kids are immature and may cause problems throwing them around the room.

However, if you are teaching older individuals, then you could give them out as prizes. Older kids might not find it as exciting, but they may appreciate the sentiment.

9. No Homework Pass

These last two are great for older kids. A no-homework pass is something that every kid wants because it means that they do not have to do their homework. You may want to give this out sparingly because your students should do their homework. However, if there is a test coming up and you are quizzing your students, then you could give this to the student that is the best prepared.

10. Extra Credit

Extra credit may be the best thing that you can give to your students. This will help improve a grade, which is something that every student is looking for. If you are giving extra credit out as a prize, then you should make your students aware of it beforehand.

Your students may study for the quiz/game that you are giving to them if there is extra credit involved, which will improve grades naturally.


Depending on how you set up your classroom, there may be other prizes that you can offer to your students. It will depend on the age of the kids you are teaching and the type of class that you are teaching. Ultimately, a prize will motivate your students, which should help them learn.