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Practicing yoga has so many benefits for the body and the mind, with a regular yoga practice you’ll improve your posture, your flexibility, strength, and mental health. To improve your yoga practice, there are plenty of tools and tips that you can give a try. For some great inspiration, take a look at these.

Apps to improve your yoga practice 

1. Yoga Studio 

With the Yoga Studio app you’ll get nearly 200 yoga videos, and lots of meditation sessions too. The app allows you to customize your classes, to incorporate all your favourite postures and balances. Yoga Studio features a tracker to record your calories burned, which is perfect if you’re practicing yoga for weight loss. You can choose to take five-minute classes, 30-minute classes, or longer sessions of one hour. Yoga Studio is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. The app also includes several special collections including yoga for mental health, yoga for runners, prenatal yoga, and more.

2. Glo 

The Glo application offers sessions in meditation, Pilates, and yoga, all geared towards improving mental and physical health. You can choose from Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga, and more. Simply input your style preferences, and your level, and the application will suggest classes, depending on your ability and taste. The app gradually becomes more personalized as you use it more often. 

There are handy search filters that make it easier to find the class you want. It’s simple to filter by duration, style, ability, or teacher. Yoga has so many health benefits to access, whether it’s yoga for back pain, yoga for weight loss, or for relaxation.

3 . Daily Yoga 

Daily Yoga is one of the best apps to improve your yoga practice from the comfort of your own home. The application offers over 500 yoga programs, as well as sessions in meditation and pilates. The Daily Yoga app makes it easy to set your level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. One of the best things about the app is the thriving yoga community, it’s a great place for yoga tips, inspiration, and motivation. The app also allows you to monitor your yoga activity, whether it’s exercise goals, calories burned, or heart rate. All sessions are held by yoga experts, you can learn many different styles whether Vinyasa, Yin & Yan, or Ashtanga.

4. Track Yoga 

The Track Yoga application offers a huge variety of yoga sessions, from Power Yoga to Hatha Yoga. These classes follow a simple step-by-step approach, so it’s easy to make your way through the poses at your own pace. Using the Track Yoga application you can collect special ‘Kriya points’, which give you access to premium content. You can also earn badges, and set goals to keep you on a positive track. There are several unique programs on the Track Yoga app, including yoga for mindfulness; yoga for depression; or yoga for cardio.

5. Gaia 

Using the Gaia application you can stream videos on spirituality, yoga, mindfulness, and more. There is so much to learn from these videos, here you’ll inspire your spirit, your body, and your mind. Whether it’s a yoga class to clear your chakras or a meditation to ease anxiety, there are plenty of ways to revitalize your health with the Gaia app. 

These yoga classes really are something special, plus there are plenty of videos to learn new things about nutrition, astrology, and more. When you are learning about meditation, you might come across mala beads and wonder about mala beads meaning in yoga. These are often used to count your mantras, during the Japa style of meditation.

Tips to improve your yoga practice

1. Remain consistent 

If you really want to improve your yoga, it’s important to remain consistent with your practice. Set a goal of practicing three sessions a week, as a minimum. Whether you attend a class, watch a YouTube video, or use an app, ensure that you practice as frequently as you can. Once you’ve established a good routine you’ll find that you make progress with your ability, strength, and flexibility. You don’t necessarily need to practice for an hour every time. Be realistic and build up a practice that fits in with your lifestyle.

2. Improve your pranayama 

Pranayama is a type of breathing exercise, designed to remove emotional and physical obstacles, freeing the breath, and revitalizing the body. Pranayama techniques can help you to strengthen your respiratory organs. When you practice pranayama the intention is to explore various yoga breathing techniques and breath control, whether it’s regulating inhalation or retention. Pranayama can allow us to stimulate our parasympathetic system. Doing allows us to soothe overstimulation, caused in particular by the ‘Fight of Flight’ bodily response.

3. Purchase some yoga props

To support your yoga practice there are many different props that you can try. For a few ideas to get you started try the following options:

  • Bolsters: A bolster is a long cylindrical pillow, these are used in yoga to support your body when practicing restorative poses. Restorative poses are designed to allow the body to access deep stretches and to relax.
  • Straps: During a yoga class, straps can be useful to help you improve your range of motion. Straps are often used to support leg poses, allowing practitioners to move their legs into more advanced stretches.

4. Try journaling

When you’re looking to improve your yoga practice it can be helpful to use a yoga journal. In your journal, you can write down your goals, your reflections, and track your progress. In your journal you can write down your practicing schedule, and which styles you prefer. It can also be helpful to keep track of your nutrition and sleep, you may be able to identify patterns that can inform your practice overall. Note down your successes as well as the poses you find hard. You can use these insights to create a more well-rounded practice.

With these fab tools and tips, you’ll start to see plenty of progress, and improve your understanding of yoga.


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