Preparing to bring home a new baby is filled with so many emotions that it is hard for new parents to contain their excitement without sharing some apprehension and fear. In addition to the endless supply of items necessary for a new baby, there are also stories about how new parents’ lives are about to change that can create fear and anxiety. The less sleep, steady rotation of diaper changes, odd-hour feedings, and the endless amounts of laundry that babies go through are enough to cause worry. Continue reading to discover why new parents take extra special care with babies’ laundry and the most comfortable and safe fabrics to dress your baby to avoid the fear of skin reactions from fabrics.

Newborn babies have the most delicate skin imaginable, and anything that touches it can cause irritation. It could be a hard tag or the laundry detergent; a baby can only communicate their irritation by crying. That is why it is vital to launder all babies’ clothing before putting it on their delicate skin.

In addition to washing all clothes, new parents and those giving clothing gifts to new parents must carefully select clothing items. In addition to wanting it warm and comfortable, it should be breathable and something that feels good against a baby’s skin. Some of the best fabrics are:

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is one of the best fabrics for baby clothing. Organic cotton is made from natural seeds with no pesticides or other harmful chemicals and is safe for the skin. Because organic cotton is typically grown in the tropics, growers use less water to grow. That gives it the edge when it comes to being eco-friendly. Several affordable brands make baby clothes using organic cotton, which they boast as the best, especially if your baby has sensitive skin. Other benefits of organic cotton are that it keeps babies warm, dry, is breathable, and organic cotton washes better, which means it can be passed down from one child to another.


Between the delicate nature of baby skin and water after a bath, you want nothing but the softest towel to absorb excess water from your baby’s skin. Terry cloth fabric has been used for towels and robes for years for its absorbent abilities and softness. For babies, terry cloth towels, washcloths, socks, and more are perfect against the skin.

Viscose from Bamboo

Bamboo is a great fabric to dress your baby in. Look for clothes that are made from bamboo. Viscose fabric from bamboo is naturally moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic, which makes it excellent for a baby’s skin. In addition, viscose from bamboo helps to keep babies warm, dry, and odor-free. One brand that is made from bamboo is Posh Peanut. Conduct a Google search for the best Posh Peanut retailers to help you find a store near you. 

Muslin and Gauze

Although these two are incredibly similar and both great for baby clothing, they have slight differences. Muslin is a light, woven fabric that is soft, flexible, and airy. Gauze is a type of muslin fabric that is light and often transparent. Both materials have a slight crinkle and make for the softest baby clothing and necessities, like burp cloths, swaddling blankets, and sheets. Both keep babies dry, warm and are breathable.

Jersey Knit

A favorite of parents because it needs no iron, jersey knit fabric is also loved for the stretch and softness. For babies, this makes jersey knit a great fabric for making almost everything, from bedding to sleepwear. In addition to its easy stretch, other benefits of jersey knit fabric for baby clothes are its:

  • Durability 
  • Easy to clean and doesn’t trap dirt and oil
  • Breathable and easy to layer
  • Naturally soft and comfortable.


Fleece is a manufactured synthetic derived fabric. It is fuzzy, soft, warm, and breathable. Fleece is excellent outerwear for children because it keeps children dry and provides warmth. That is why it is often used for everything from pajamas to jackets for small children.

As you have read, taking care of the clothing that will go against a baby’s skin is essential. Choose any of these safe and comfortable fabrics to dress your baby in.