The holiday season is perfect for creating memories with your family, and this goes beyond holiday shopping and giving gifts. You have the chance to plan something that encourages your family to bond during the holidays. Your plans may include a day trip to a specific destination, spending time at home, or helping others. To help you get started on your holiday planning, here are five fun activities to do with your family for the holiday season.

Family Holiday Photo Shoot

There are plenty of opportunities to create a holiday photo shoot for your family. You may decide to visit Santa Claus for a family photo, or maybe you want to snap a few photos in front of the Christmas tree. If you catch a snowfall, this is the perfect time to snap a few posed photos or candid shots. Another option is to take silly photos in Christmas sweaters or pajamas. Remember, you are creating holiday memories with your family, so you do not have to stress over taking the perfect holiday photo. A candid in the snow or posed in your silly sweaters can work just as well for a framed portrait or holiday card.

Plan A Road Trip

If you have a relative or friend you have not seen in a while, you could always make plans to visit them. Another idea is to take a day trip to a Christmas tree farm to purchase a real tree. You can also attend a holiday event in another area to give your family a change of scenery. If you can find any holiday activities to do on the way to your destination, this is even better because it just adds to the family bonding. You may decide to stop by a bakery for some holiday treats before you arrive at your loved one’s house, or maybe you want to check out a holiday arts and craft fair on your way to the Christmas tree farm.

Catch A Holiday Play

Why not make plans to attend a holiday play this year? You may find a local theater that is putting on the Nutcracker, which is always perfect for spending the holidays with your family. Of course, you can also check out the Broadway news to see what shows are taking place in your area or at Broadway itself. Your family is sure to enjoy the festive atmosphere that comes with seeing a play during the holidays. It is best to start looking for plays that take place during the holiday season as soon as possible. This way, you can score tickets to the play of your family’s choice. You also want to ensure you get seats that allow everyone to see the stage, especially younger children.

Engage In Volunteer Work

You can also encourage your family to give back and help others through volunteer work. Volunteer opportunities include serving dinner at a soup kitchen, hosting a toy drive, donating winter apparel, and collecting canned goods. You can also take the time to visit nursing homes, children’s hospitals, or animal shelters. There are many people who “adopt” families who are unable to do any holiday shopping, and you may find this to be a good idea for your family as well. Engaging in volunteer work encourages your family to help others in need. Your children may even decide to continue volunteering as they get older.

Host a Cookie Exchange

If you want to plan a family holiday activity at home, consider a cookie exchange. Everyone can bake their favorite cookies to share with other household members. You may even decide to invite friends and other family members to your cookie exchange. Be sure to provide recipe cards for those who want to exchange the actual recipes. A cookie exchange is a great way to get your family into the kitchen, especially if you are baking cookies with younger children. You may decide to make a cookie exchange an at-home holiday tradition for your family.

There are plenty of family-friendly activities that work for the holiday season. Other activities may include hosting a holiday party, driving around to admire the holiday lights, and attending an event at a local museum. With the above ideas, you are sure to find a fun activity that is perfect for your family this holiday season.