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Shopping for gifts and presents can be one of the most stressful things to do for many of us. We all want to buy the perfect gift, and while we all have very specific tastes and ideas, it’s always useful to have a go-to list of great gift ideas. This article looks at the best gift ideas based on current interior home décor trends that will create many a happy recipient. Those that will stand the test of time and generally prove to be winners all round. Using this as the basis, make a specific list depending on the person you are buying for. The key to remember is that you are buying the gift for someone else, so think what they’d like.


Glassware such as tumblers and vases make both interesting and beautiful gifts. As long as you can transport these safely or have them delivered by the manufacturer, then glassware is a great homeware gift that will be appreciated by all. Glassware is suitable for all special occasions, and there is such a wide range that there will be something for all budgets and tastes, from the simplest of beer tumblers to high-end crystal champagne flutes. Glass can also be customized and made to suit your needs, engraved and colored. It is useful, sentimental, and decorative and as such, meets most people’s needs in a gift.

Personalized Items

From ornaments to wall signs and more, everyone loves something with their name on it. Makers of all sorts can be found online offering personalized gifts and custom home decor items. Including me! Yes, I run a little shop on Etsy called ButeauFull Chaos and am happy to work with you to create one-of-a-kind custom home decor gifts and more.

Candle sets

Both the scented candle and the candlestick holder have become great additions to interior rooms, side, boards, and dining tables. Not only as ornaments, but a lit candle has the ability to immediately change the atmosphere of a room, and a scented one is even better. Keep in mind that some candles can be quite strongly scented as a gift, and it would make sense to know what the gift recipient likes or doesn’t.


It’s a recent trend to get a great clock as a fabulous interior décor gift. Themed clocks and cuckoo clocks are all the rage and make a remarkable difference to a kitchen space or an entranceway. You don’t need the answer to where did the cuckoo clock originate, but the fact that it’s a trending gift idea and will create amazing conversation points makes it a great buy. Whether it’s a housewarming, birthday or Christmas, a clock is always going to be appreciated. The secret with clocks is to make sure that the ticking or any chiming isn’t too loud as it’s a deal-breaker for many, who may find it a distracting feature.

Customizable doormats

The front door mat makes for one of the most useful yet design and theme-rich items to have on the porch. The porch has seen a resurgence, and as such, so too has the manner in which people decorate and incorporate interior design aspects in this space.

It’s always a good time to give friends and family the perfect gift, and this article has provided some of the top trending interior deco gift tips that will put a smile on most faces.