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Most people, even most consumers, are more than aware of how marketing works and to what degree it’s leveraged in the modern day. We’re attuned to filtering it out, also, because if we were to internalize and want every product advertised to us, we would be destitute within a matter of days.

For this reason, consumers are not necessarily harder to reach, but they’re more shrewd than ever. This is a good thing. It helps our business stay sharp, competitive, and actually earn our revenue. This keeps us on our toes, and constantly evolving.

That said, companies do need to invest in marketing to get the word out there, raise brand familiarity, and connect with their audience. But if consumers are so effective at filtering this out, or swiping past social media ads, or skipping past online advertisements, then how on Earth are you supposed to reach them?

We believe that bringing substantive worth to your marketing ‘spiel’ can allow it to stand on its own, drawing attention in the best possible light. Without further ado, let’s discuss that topic and more, below:

Showcase Your Results

It’s good to keep your audience informed and interested in what it is you’re developing, what changes you’re making to your service, and more. This gives those interested in supporting your firm (or those considering it), the means by which to get interested in your development as a company. 

For instance, you might release a short video showcasing your manufacturing process in the last year, improvements and upgrades you’ve made to your products or service over that time, or feedback that you’ve received from your wider audience. It could be that you attended an event as a company to network with other businesses and to give a talk, recording and writing about this event could also be a great way to re-confirm your credibility in the eyes of those who attend your industry.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

It’s important to put your money where your mouth is. This might sound quite obvious, but the truth is that many firms tend to walk the walk without talking the talk. For instance, it might be that you’re developing a certain wrist rest to help those with a specific injury. Could it be that thanks to your hopes of appealing to those with disabilities, you could sponsor disabled athletes as part of your marketing campaign, doing some good while also getting your name out there? There’s so much we can do with our influence as a brand, and sometimes, consumer wish to see more than the standard marketing approach. This also encourages you to think creatively, and that’s a good problem to have.

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Launch Awareness Campaigns

Launching an awareness campaign could also be a clever means by which to support your marketing. For instance, positioning yourself as an entity ready to solve a problem can help you be seen as a solution, rather than just another voice in an industry hoping to gain revenue and profit. It might be that you’ve developed a simple construction tool that allows bricklayers to use their mortar without having to bend down and bring it out of a bucket. It might be that you showcase the rates for back injuries in that field of work, and how this product could be a prevention measure. Not only does this generate conversation around workplace safety standards (which is always a good discussion to have), but it provides you with the substance and solution for such an issue.

Consider Sustainability

Sustainability is a key element of any business hoping to compete from now into the future, not just because it can serve as a worthwhile prerequisite for good marketing, but because if conscious consumers find out your practices and processes are anything but compliant with good sustainable practices, you can easily be blasted for this. Or, consumers will just find a better alternative.

For this reason, it’s important to properly vet your suppliers, and make sure that you dispose of materials properly such as with metal recycling, as well as sponsoring or supporting initiatives that you’ve seen. Even adding recycling paper baskets to the office can help, as can lessening the packaging in which you present and sell your products each day. Measures like that can make a tremendous difference going forward, enabling you to clearly and calmly focus on the future of sustainability and what it means for your business. Of course – this can be a great standpoint to renew your marketing, using as fuel for the ‘next era’ of your brand.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily bring substantive worth to your marketing ‘spiel’.