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If you are considering the idea of studying abroad but are not making up your mind out of fear or because you do not feel prepared, let us know that it is one of the most enriching experiences a student can have. So what are the benefits? First of all we do need a certain amount of money to make this a reality. Living abroad costs money, and whilst you can find work abroad, you need to be comfortable to get by and to feel secure financially. That is where there are things such as student loans for studying abroad

The benefits of studying abroad are many: 

Learn the language: How you really learn a language is by living in a place where it is spoken, where you have to practice it morning, noon and night. As you spend more time there, you will become more fluent until you have mastered it completely. You will even learn the local slang. You will know how to read between the lines and you will understand the body language and gestures typical of that culture. 

Get to know a new culture: Living with people from another country will help you get to know their culture first-hand in every way. Customs, way of thinking, education, etc. You will learn to see the world from a new perspective by exploring every aspect of your new second home.

Make new friends: By living abroad without yours close, friendships are created with a very strong bond. And it is that they will not be just friends, they will become like your new family. Creating friendships with people abroad is exciting. You can learn about their history, they can let you know all the best places to go in the city and even help you with the language. You can really find special bonds that you may not find at home. Perhaps you can invite them back to visit your country when you leave. 

Going to study abroad means having a circle of friends that is different from those of a culture altogether, so they can teach you new ways. It means interacting with new people who, in addition, may be very different from you. Students who are going to study abroad quickly create a new circle of friends that often last over time despite not seeing each other very often. In a modern world this is not so much of an issue. You can easily video chat or use zoom so that you are always connected. So don’t be sad when it’s time to leave!

Acquiring maturity: No matter how old you are when you go to study abroad, this experience will help you mature. Leaving your comfort zone, where neither your family nor your friends are, and facing any situation that comes your way alone, will make you a decisive person. As well as capable of adaptation and independence.

Strengthen the CV: Looking ahead, having studied abroad is a plus in your curriculum vitae in the workplace. Show that you are knowledgeable of the language of that country and a mature, responsible person without fear of facing new situations. 

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More intelligence and empathy

You will see that day by day it is easier for you to do things at the same time, to make decisions with greater firmness and confidence. Empathy is present when your social relationships need understanding with another person. It creates a broader mindset and empathy for other people because you see the world in a different way.

Get to know a new country

Are you that traveler who can’t stop thinking about wanting to discover new places? Maybe at the beginning your studies and if you get a job they won’t allow you to do much on the weekends because surely you will have a lot to study, but once you make friends and your social life begins to be more active, on the weekends you will use them to know and discover that wonderful country to which you have decided to go live.

Be more independent

Especially for younger people, studying abroad will make them more independent, which will be an asset for the rest of their lives both personally and professionally. Studying abroad helps you to be more autonomous, more open and, above all, more mature. This is something that is missed in many young people, who are excessively protected all their lives. Outside the home they will meet new people and they will find their lives to solve their daily problems.