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There’s a good deal of creative fun involved with developing a business for the first time. For instance, what will you name the firm? Something snappy, cool and relevant to your industry, no doubt. What logo will you design? Working alongside an excellent graphic designer can help you with that, and help slowly shape your dream into being. How will you name the roles within your company? For instance, ‘store assistant’ is descriptive but a little flat, many companies today are using terms like ‘content hero’ or ‘cake master’ to add a little flavor and fun to the process.

So, there’s a lot of fun to be had when it comes to branding your business properly and making sure that it reflects your values and outlook on the industry. Sometimes, you just want to have a little fun. But it’s also true that branding is here for a purpose, and will stick with you for a while. For this reason, making sure it actually lasts, rather than just trendy in the moment, is key.

In this post, we’ll discuss four of the minor yet essential factors that will influence branding strength.


The dimensions of your branding material, that is, how that graphic and written content is displayed properly depending on the medium used upon it, is key to assess and consider ahead of time. For instance, a banner in which the words are cut off at either side will no doubt showcase that you haven’t paid attention to proper branding. 

The same goes for social media banners. All social media profiles will have different size requirements for each profile, and its up to us to make sure our profile pictures, cover banners, and published content all confirms to the exact right sizes for mobile and desktop display. Low-resolution, blown-out, mismatched or cut off branding material looks rough, and the last thing we need from our branding is for it to look rough.


It’s essential to consider the format you utilize when branding, which is arguably just as important as the branding itself. For instance, the best digital signage system, provided to you via a service able to leverage the best of this technology, requires dynamic videography, graphics, accessibility for those trying to read on a high resolution panel display, and the willingness to catch attention in public environments.

In magazines, a full-page advertisement will determine different color grading thanks to the printed form looking different than its digital rendition. Radio jingles need to be short, concise, and give a potent amount of information in a short space of time. Diligently researching into and applying the best measures for branding within a certain approach can be key in helping you stand out in that field, while also ensuring you don’t make mistakes that cause a problematic fit, ultimately reflecting poorly on your brand.

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Your branding needs to be consistent. Think of a marketing package and branding design as a cohesive project, each piece of material supporting the other. For instance, if you have a powerful new product release, marketed and packaged using red marketing materials as part of its design, then ‘ask me about’ polo shirts you give your staff on the store floor should also be red and should also be in-theme with that.

Additionally, consistency in messaging works wonders, too. If you’re very self-serious and professional when it comes to advertising your products, a snarky and ‘too cool for school’ Twitter presence, such as those imposed by the social media managers of brands like Wendys, will come off as tonally inconsistent and can turn some people away. Consistency doesn’t have to be boring, provided the initial concept of your current branding is well designed and impactful.


Of course, the purpose of branding is to make your brand recognizable, and to help people become familiar with what you have to offer. So, to what degree does your purpose shift each time? Is your Twitter messaging there to encourage banter between you and your audience, or is it there to provide an immediate means of registering public online support for questions? When you can keep each element of your branding purposeful, and supportive of one another, then again, you only strengthen your marketing and the branding from which that emanates. In this approach, you’ll be sure to capably develop a consistent and worthwhile tone.

With this advice, we hope you can influence your branding strength in the best possible manner.