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Do you enjoy spending time in your backyard? If so, then it’s likely that you haven’t given much thought to how environmentally friendly your property is and ways you can improve your backyard. If you’re looking to improve your backyard and be more environmentally friendly, these five tips will give you some inspiration.

1. Add a hammock to relax while you enjoy nature’s beauty

Hammocks are environmentally friendly because they don’t require any trees or posts to get cut down for their construction, and the materials used can also get recycled or reused when it’s time for an upgrade. With this relaxation method, you won’t have to worry about waking up with a sore back from sleeping on the ground. Hammocks are very comfortable and will help you get more restful sleep at night. You’ll feel refreshed after napping in your new hammock!

You can hang your hammock anywhere that has enough space for two people lying down side by side (6-8 feet). The best place would probably be somewhere near some shade. When you’re ready to purchase your hammock, don’t forget the attachable stand!

2. Plant a tree in your backyard to provide shade

It’s important to think of the environment when you’re improving your backyard. Planting trees will give shade, increase wind resistance for other plants, and provide shelter for wildlife. The best time to plant is March through June so that by the fall, they’ll be big enough to withstand winter weather conditions. It’s also important that you choose a tree that doesn’t have invasive roots or leaves because these can harm nearby vegetation and soil quality. You might want to consider one type of tree is an American Sycamore, which has beautiful fall colors and grows slowly but steadily with minimal maintenance needs.

3. Outdoor Recycled Plastic

As an environmentally friendly way to improve your backyard, recycled plastic outdoor furniture manufacturers are a great way to create a comfortable space while going green. They offer a wide range of recycled plastic products, from recycled plastic benches and recycled plastic tables to recycled plastic chairs. For outdoor use, many people find recycled plastic furniture offers several advantages:

• It’s durable.

• Resistant to UV rays and fading.

• It doesn’t require painting or sealing.

• It is also water-resistant and easy to clean.

A few drawbacks include price (such as for recycled plastics), which can be more expensive than traditional wood pieces; weight, which some people may have difficulty moving or carrying; and lack of variety in styles that don’t match today’s popular designs.

4. Create a backyard sanctuary with a birdbath, bird feeder, and birdhouse

A backyard sanctuary is an oasis for both human and animal inhabitants. Not only does it provide a place to relax, but it also provides necessary food sources for local wildlife. Creating your backyard sanctuary can get done in two ways: with or without the use of chemicals. The easiest way to make your yard environmentally friendly is by making sure you are using natural products like vegetable oil soap instead of harsh chemical cleaners, which will benefit not only humans but also the environment.

Other easy green practices include watering plants during the day to not get too wet at night, recycling old newspapers into craft projects, and turning off lights when you’re not using them. All these things take just a little extra effort but go a long way toward making your backyard a safe and clean place for all.

5. Get rid of any lawn grasses or other non-native species

You may not realize it, but the presence of these plants is taking away from the natural beauty of your yard. If you have a patch that you cannot turn into a garden or some other type of green space, consider planting something native to our region instead. This will make your yard more attractive and less vulnerable to invasive species like kudzu, which slowly overtake parts of the Southeast.

6. Build an outdoor kitchen with an all-season grill, picnic table, and fire pit

Many people live in urban areas where they only have to look out of their windows. But if you live near an open space, like a park or forest, you might want to find ways to enjoy it more often. One way is by creating a backyard environment that’s great for entertaining and cooking food outdoors with an all-season grill, picnic table, and fire pit.


There are many environmentally friendly ways to improve your backyard. Here are some ideas for eco-friendly additions and renovations to your outdoor space!