There are times in all our lives when we look around us and wish our homes looked a little more like a luxurious townhouse. A little neater there, perhaps, and a bit more modern here. Maybe even something fancy-looking in the corner. That sort of thing. 

Then reality hits, and the hypothetical price tag comes into view. Well, it’s true that the big stuff will cost real money, but not everything has to be major to be effective. It’s all about the end result with changes like these, big or small. 

Your Plan

Right at the outset, you’re going to have to come up with a basic definition of what counts as beautiful and luxurious to you. There are many ways you could go with it, but you’re going to have to decide early on

Is there some old-fashioned look you’re thinking of? Maybe ultra-modern? Do you like your rooms to be busy with objects and colors? Perhaps you’re a minimalist who’s into open spaces and blank walls? You’ve got to decide all that. 

Lighting Choices

If you’re planning to spend a little cash, your options are vast. Whichever overall style you’re running with, there will be a suitable kind of lighting for you. If you’re traditional, you could find the era-appropriate options out there and deck it all out. 

Similarly, brushed metal fittings will combine nicely with a cool, white light if you’re going minimal. Even if you’re watching the pennies, you might be surprised to see how easily you can pick up great items like lamps very cheaply. 

Fittings and Finishes

Fittings and finishes are another great way to express your stylistic voice. They are often so era-specific that folks instantly recognize what you’re going for. Some options have become so iconic of their time that they’re on sale as a vintage choice. 

If you have a tub, it can be the perfect prop for a look. For example, a lovely old tub can be backgrounded by some antique-style tiles and vintage tap fittings to create a time portal back into the days of yore. 


Alternatively, you could rip everything out at the walls and install a streamlined set of silver chrome fittings. Behind those, you could put up some pure white tiles on the wall or even stainless steel if you prefer. Small changes can bring big effects. 

Neutral Where Possible

For those who have a more eccentric vision of luxury and beauty, there will always be certain folks who don’t get it. And that’s okay. If you like a very energetic and abundant sort of look, then others will just have to get used to it. 

For most folks, though, a general rule of thumb is that neutral is better. Give yourself a basic blueprint, and then try to keep it calm and light in tone-paler colors, for example, as well as more open areas of free space. 

It’s about generating a psychological context in which people feel easy and relaxed, and setting things up in a balanced and stylish way will achieve that goal. Light greys against whites, creams juxtaposed with tans. 

Mixed Materials

Unless you’re explicitly going for a very narrow look, mixing material can be a super interesting way to go. It will require some mixing and matching along the way, but using wood, metal, and ceramic together can be amazing, along with other materials too. 

You could even vary the ratios in different rooms around the house. The kitchen could be decked out with stainless steel throughout, with a couple of wooden cabinets, for example. Then, the living room might be heavier on the wood, with a metal feature here and there. 


In Summary

If you’re not finding it fun, you might be doing it wrong somehow. It’s a creative and joyful expression when it’s done right. It should be something that brings happiness to you and yours, so don’t let it become a boring task! 

You can visit little antique shops, scout around online, and all that American Picker type of stuff. Coming up with these solutions doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you’re smart about saving the dollars. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning to spend a few from the start, you can do anything under the sun. As long as you’re bringing out your creativity, that’s the point!