While everyone has a favorite chain-store location they like to visit, they may not always be the best bet when it comes to finding your next cup of coffee. From an expanded range of coffee drinks and other menu options to the chance to avoid the crowd and enjoy more comfortable surroundings, the right specialty cafe could have more to offer than you might realize.

A Chance to Take Your Time

Picking up a coffee from the drive-through can be an ideal option if you are just looking for a way to refuel while on the go, but there is still something to be said for taking your time. A quieter and more secluded cafe atmosphere can provide the perfect backdrop for those times when you are interested in finding a place to relax and enjoy your coffee. If your coffee breaks all tend to be rushed and hurried experiences, maybe it’s time to change things up.

Expanded Menu Options

Having to make do with the same limited menu options day after day can quickly become dull, especially for coffee enthusiasts who may be interested in exploring new roasts and drink ideas. A specialty cafe that is able to provide an expanded range of menu options, drinks, or a wider variety of coffees to try and enjoy maybe just be the thing you have been looking for. Continuing to visit those franchise shops and coffee bars that offer only a limited selection of snacks and drinks or that may not be supplied by the best coffee roasters could leave you missing out.

Avoid the Rush

Trying to pick up a coffee during peak hours can become quite an ordeal. If you are tired of waiting in line or having to sit at the drive-through, visiting a specialty cafe instead could prove to be the perfect alternative. Often quieter and less hectic than most franchise coffee shops, the right cafe can offer a more secluded environment as well as the chance to escape the crowd or beat the rush.

A specialty cafe could end up providing you with a more relaxing and enjoyable experience, especially if you find yourself fed up with all the noise, crowds and limited menu options to be found at your nearest franchise store. Visiting the right cafe for your next cup of coffee may allow you to enjoy an expanded range of drink and menu options as well as a more comfortable environment.