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What do your windows say about you? Windows are the eyes of a property, and how you approach looking after your windows and dressing can speak a lot about how you style the property and cleanliness inside your home too.

A lot can be gleaned from looking at someone’s windows, and no longer is it a case of hanging some drapes and hoping for the best. These days there are so many different ways to dress your windows. This post looks at some great ideas if you lack inspiration.


Choose cordless blinds to cover your windows. Blinds are more versatile since you can adjust how much light passes through them. Your blinds’ position can make it easier or harder to view outside. Blinds are standard window covering that work as well as drapes or instead. Check Motorized Blinds prices for blinds that allow you to open and close your blinds at the touch of a button! The ultimate in high tech for windows.

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Privacy Screen

If you want your window to be completely unblocked, you can quickly move a privacy screen to the most appropriate location. Instead of hanging curtains in front of your living room or bedroom windows, go back in time and set a stylish privacy screen in front of them. There are many different privacy screens available, including those made of laser-cut wood, metal, and synthetic materials.

Roman Shades

A modern and attractive technique to limit the amount of light and seclusion needed in a room from the outside world is to use window treatments. Choose a Roman shade that has a sleek, uncluttered appearance that complements industrial, minimalist, or traditional interior design styles well. The shades might be rolled, made of bamboo, neutral in color, woven from wood, or combined with the above characteristics.

Stained Glass

A stained glass design is a sophisticated and artistic approach that gives additional privacy in a room while allowing natural light to come through. The stained glass window illuminates the room with a beautiful, vibrant radiance. You can create a softer, cozier atmosphere in any area by incorporating stained glass windows into it.


If privacy is not a problem, but you are uncomfortable with the idea of leaving windows completely bare, consider using a valance. In its most basic form, the window valence is simply a piece of cloth covering the highest part of your window while leaving the majority of the windowpane exposed.

A valence is often used in conjunction with curtains, although they can also be used on their own, in conjunction with shades, or as a focal point in a space.


You can get shutters that open internally and externally, meaning you protect your home with an added layer of security. Choose slatted wooden shutters that open and close like horizontal blinds, folding shutters, or doors that close together and open away to the side of the window for added sophistication to your home.

The beauty of these window dressings is that they offer you the chance to make them as simple or creative as you wish to tie in with your current home decor style.