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Learning to set a good example to our children is crucial, and is something that we’ve all got to consider, not just because of the impact it has on them, but the impact it has on the place we live. Our children will always learn from us, whether consciously or subconsciously, and when it comes to the environment in which we all inhabit, we must remember that it’s about giving back to the community, especially in these deprived times. With this in mind, how can we support our communities, while also making sure that we are teaching lessons to our children at the same time? 

Investing in the Things That Matter

Education is one of the pillars of any community, and this means that we may have to figure out a way to help our local schools, especially if they are crying out for resources. You may have noticed your children are not going to as many field trips as they used to, and this could be pandemic related, but it might also be to do with funds, in which case, have you considered school bus rentals and everybody in the community chipping in so children can benefit and further their education? It’s crucial to give our children more knowledge and realize that knowledge is not just to do with what goes on in the classroom. 

Teaching Your Children About “Looking After Their Patch”

This is all to do with a sustainability-based mindset. If you want your children to make a big difference to the world, becoming more community-focused is the best way to start, and this means that we can start by doing this at home. When we start to operate with a more sustainable mindset at home, we are planting those seeds in our child’s minds. But this is also a wonderful lesson for us. We cannot change the world until we’ve become more focused on our immediate surroundings. 

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Give Your Children Perspective

We need to focus on the community, but also, we need to give our children perspective on everything. Sometimes, we all need to remember that there’s a lot in the big wide world that can make us appreciate what we’ve got. In order to do this effectively, showing our children what is going on in the world out there is a simple lesson in us all appreciating what we have. If you want to foster community-based thinking, giving your children the important lessons of perspective doesn’t just help them to appreciate what they have, but it will prepare them to go out there. 

There are so many things that we could do to help our children operate with a more community-based mindset. But it is important to remember that it all begins at home. Your home environment will make a considerable difference to the lessons your children learn in life. If you want your children to have a better education but you also want to support your community in any way you can, it’s about getting that balance right.