Golf is an incredibly difficult sport that takes extreme precision. If you are looking to be good at the game of golf, you will want to make sure that your swing is good. Even the slightest mistake in a golf swing can result in the ball flying out of control. To perfect your golf swing, you will need to practice it over and over again. Here are some tips that can help you create and perfect that perfect golf swing.

Improve Your Golf Stance Posture

Having a golf stance with poor posture can limit your mobility during your golf swing. By having poor mobility, you limit how fast you can swing the club and how accurate you are with your striking ability. Making sure you can get the clubhead through is the most important part of any swing, and then once you get it through you would like to hit the center of the clubhead. Make sure you are in an athletic stance and have a straight back to allow for maximum mobility.

Establish A Consistent Rhythm

Rhythm is important in a golf swing because of the multiple moving parts in your swing. Your swing involves your arms, torso, and lower body, all moving in unison with each other. When one part is faster than the other the whole swing is thrown off. By making sure you have a consistent rhythm, you can make sure all parts of the body are moving in unison.

Make Sure Your Feet Are Even

This is like fixing your posture in your stance. However, having your feet open or closed can lead to a natural look or slice. If you are aiming for that kind of shot, then go ahead and open/close your stance. If you are aiming to hit it straight, then you will want to even up your feet to give yourself the best shot at doing so.

Invest in Better Club Grips

Having a better grip on your clubs can allow you to take an easier swing. When you squeeze the club too hard you can tend to mishit the golf ball, which will lead to an undesirable result. Making sure you can grip your clubs is important in establishing a smooth and easy swing.

Keep Your Head on the Ball

This is a rather simple tip, but it is the most important. Hitting something you cannot see is extremely difficult to do. So, when you are hitting a golf ball make sure you keep your head on the ball through contact. You should be able to pick up the flight of the ball after it comes off your club, and it will be easier to pick up the flight if your eye is on the ball through contact.

Use Your Front Hand/Arm as Guidance

The front hand/arm is your guide through your swing. Your core and lower body will supply the power to your swing, so you will make sure that your arm is simply the guide. By placing too much pressure on that lead hand/arm you can seriously hurt your club path and overall swing.

Keep Your Front Arm Straight

This plays into the lead arm being your guide. By keeping your front arm straight, you can make sure that it does in fact act as a guide, and your swing will be much more accurate. By bending this arm, it can mess with your swing path, and cause the flight of the ball to be wildly out of control.

Watch Film of Your Swing

The last tip is to watch the film of your swing. You could even get a great golf swing analysis app that allows you to watch yourself from your latest range session. There are many different features that you can use on the app, including lessons from a V1 golf pro. This will help you notice mistakes in your swing and correct them the next time you go out and play.


All these tips can be used to better your swing. You must realize that it is a very long process to perfecting your swing. You should take it one tip at a time. Once you feel comfortable with one thing, then you should move onto the next tip until you feel comfortable with your golf swing.