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It might not be possible for you to always go out for games or other fun activities with your kids. Especially during this COVID time, most playgrounds are on lockdown. As a result, you need to develop exciting active games to engage in while at home with your kids. We have compiled the ultimate guide to exciting, fun and creative activities suitable for children in all age sets.

Indoor Cave or Den Building Activity

Children love playing and hiding in caves built with giant pillows. This activity is fun and creative, from planning the build to gathering materials to playing inside it. Once the den is ready, you should come up with funny role play or simply play with toys inside the cave.

The best way to make the cave is through coving furniture or a table using a blanket or bed sheet. Let the size of the cave be enough to accommodate all of you.

Treasure Hunt Around the Home

Have a map of your house and hide the various items on all available corners and around the house. Have a way of identifying items used on the map. Explain the map to your kids and help them to hunt for the items, if necessary. For older kids, you can use word cards describing the location where you’ve hidden the thing.

For instance, “I maintain foodstuff at the right temperature and make a certain noise if left open.” The kid should look for the hidden item around the fridge area. 

Body Size Drawings

This activity is most suitable for small kids. Clue down several A4 sheets together and position them carefully on the floor. A glue stick  works well in holding the papers together for long even after the game is over.

Encourage the kids to lie on the A4s and outline their figure using a pen or pencil. Encourage your kids to be creative, like coloring it, adding accessories to the figure such as stickers or stamps, and designing clothes using old material cutouts.

Play Freeze Dance

Select the kind of music your kids listen to and play them loudly. The rules should be for them to dance when the music is on and freeze when it stops. When it does, everyone should remain in a frozen state, even if they have one leg up.

Make the game more creative by requesting the kids freeze in certain poses like shapes, letters, and animals.

Do A Puzzle

Put your kids’ brains into action with a good puzzle. You could go for store-bought variety or let them make their own. For example, use cardboard to draw the image, then derive the puzzles from the image.

Carefully cut out the pieces and mix them and start solving.

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With all the above unique activities, your next family game day should be fun. Also, depending on your kid’s age, you should choose an activity that best suits them. Don’t go for an activity that will be tiring and boring to your kid, especially if they cannot understand it.

If you must choose such an activity, ensure you’re willing to help them all through until they can do it on their own.