There are rare and well-blended whiskeys in the liquor market, and everyone would love to have a taste. People always want to try something exceptional, and the demand has led to growth in the rare whiskey industry. Below are some of the rare whiskeys you can invest in when you choose to be part of the rare whiskeys investment.

Alfred Giraud Heritage Malt Whisky

France is well known as the country where people consume the most whiskey per capita. New whiskey brands are always coming up in France, but Alfred Giraud’s heritage malt whiskey turns out to be the best in the Giraud family. After working together for over 50 years to produce the best-blended whiskey, the Giraud family is well known for their cooperative roots. Alfred Giraud’s heritage malt whiskey keeps increasing in value because of its unique taste, fruity, and floral flavors.

Bowmore 1973 ISLAY

Bowmore whiskey has gained popularity in the whiskey world with incredible prices. Bowmore was first bottled in 2016, after 32 years of processing and blending to get the most standardized quality. Its initial battles are costly, but investing in Bowmore whiskey will give you good returns. To get the best out of it, you need to take time and hold on for a few years as you wait for it to be scarce in the market and make it worth investing in the rare whiskey.

Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey

The Johnnie Walker is a rare and well-blended whiskey loved by many people. The bottles produced are very scarce with unique and distinguishable packaging. If you would want to be part of the whiskey world, then Johnnie walker black label would be a good whiskey brand to invest in. You would not get the returns instantly, but the returns will be significant after a bit of patience. When searching for rare whiskey for sale, you would find the starting price of Johnnie Walker black label whiskey to be around $399.95.

Glendronach 1968 ANA

In the past two years, Glendronach 1968 ANA has gained popularity and increased in value tremendously. It is a rare brand – in All Nippon Airways in Japan, they produced 463 bottles. In 2002, a bottle was going at $80, and the price hacked to $1000 in 2016. Two years later, the retail price for Glendronach went to $3100. Anyone who owned a bottle of the rare whiskey got so many returns after holding it for years. Other than the excellent pricing, the rare whiskey brand is well blended with tons of gems.

Macallan Fine Oak

This whiskey brand is rare and has been in the market for 25 years. The Macallan fine oak is an exceptional whiskey brand with unique and outstanding flavors. For over twenty years, the manufacturer produced only 336 bottles with a lot of concentration to bring out a mature and well-standardized brand. The pricing is a bit high, ranging at around $69,000. For those looking for an investment in the whiskey world, this is one of the most significant investments.

Glenlivet Whiskey Exchange

Glenlivet’s single scotch malt has been in existence for over 36 years. The number in circulation is approximately 702 bottles. Over time, its value keeps increasing, and it would be a good investment in the world of rare whisky. The price ranges at around $600, and as the brand’s edition keeps running out of stock, it keeps increasing.

With the growing competition in whiskey investment, trying to find some of the rare whiskeys is vital. The rare whiskeys have been in existence for a long, and they keep increasing in value. Like any other investments, patience is critical when investing in the whiskey world. Rare whiskey investments are in their prime years, and now is the best time to take the risk and be part of it.

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