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It can be absolutely devastating to you when you start to lose your hair, especially if you had thick and luscious hair before the loss began. There are many causes behind this hair loss, however, including your genetics, changes in your hormone production, changes in your diet, the stress in your life, or even certain conditions like alopecia. For many of these causes, you can start to reverse the effects of hair loss and encourage hair growth, improving your symptoms. You can read more about five ways to improve the issues causing your hair loss in the list that is below.

1. Use a Dermaroller

A dermaroller for hair loss is technically a tool that is used for micro-needling your scalp to encourage the growth of hair where you are losing it. The tool has tiny needles on it that prick your scalp to help encourage the follicles to stimulate the hair to grow as you need it to. You can use the derma roller right in the comfort of your own home as well without requiring invasive procedures, and you will not even notice any pain. Try to use it on a daily basis, and keep most of the rolls of the tool over the areas of your scalp that are becoming bald.

2. Eat More Nutrients

As mentioned above, hair loss may be due to a poor diet where you are not receiving the nutrients that you need. If you are a woman in particular who is experiencing hair loss, it could be due to the fact that you have an iron deficiency. It is important to also consume foods that are rich in Vitamins A, B, C, and E; as well as those that have zinc. Make sure that you take a multivitamin on a daily basis to aid in the absorption of these nutrients as well.

3. Give Yourself a Massage

A scalp massage can help to stimulate hair growth too so that you can improve your hair loss. The act of massaging can also help to eliminate some of the stress that may be contributing to your hair loss. Try to massage your scalp for at least five minutes, using especially your fingertips to really reach the follicles so that they become stimulated. With any massage, however, you are encouraging blood circulation which can help to stimulate cell production, which again, may, in turn, allow for your hair to start growing again.

4. Take DHT

If you are a man, your hair loss may be due to hormonal issues such as a loss of DHT or a deficiency that already exists. This is a hormone that helps to develop the male characteristics that come from puberty like the growth of hair. You can take DHT and can apply it to your hair follicles by even finding shampoos that contain the hormone. Consider taking Finasteride as this can help to stop the loss of DHT which may lead to the loss of hair if you are facing age or hormone-related baldness.

5. Be Gentle with Your Hair

If you are a female, you are more likely to wear your hair up in tight hairstyles. These can thin out your hair though and can pull out your hair, which may eventually lead to the creation of bald spots. Start using trial and error to determine the styles that are causing the most hair loss so that you can start wearing your hair in that manner. You may even want to consider looking for a new brush that is much gentler with your hair and will keep it looking healthy.

Final Thoughts

Hair loss can be embarrassing and devastating, especially if you have always had long hair or healthy hair. There are many causes for your hair loss ranging from the way you wear your hair to even a hormone or nutrient deficiency that you may be facing. The tips above can help you in working through these causes so that you can improve your hair loss and keep the rest of the hair you have. They may even help your hair to grow back and to come in fuller than it ever was before.

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