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If we want to make a better business, we can focus too much on the external components. The reality is that if we are to be in charge of a business, it all comes from us. And if we have doubts about our leadership, we’ve got to learn how to bring out this leader from within. The fact is it is there, in everyone. But as we start to become overwhelmed with what running a business entails, we can become exhausted trying to be someone we’re not. However, being a leader shouldn’t be about faking it, it should be about bringing your natural abilities from within. How do we do this?

Get to Know Yourself 

One of the most fundamental aspects of learning to be a leader is about learning who we are. Life coaches like Peter Sandhill focus on transforming people into leaders by using specific tools and techniques, but they aren’t worth a thing unless they come from you. This is why you need to understand what you are all about, what drives you, and what gives you a sense of purpose. When you do the legwork to understand who you are, this gives you a better idea of your strengths, and you can start to bring this to the workplace and align it with everything you do.

Stop Saying “Should”

“Should” is a very dangerous word because it forces us to live up to other people’s expectations. When we get rid of it, we start to remove ourselves from all inhibitions. You might be someone that tries to get it right all the time, or attempts to put on a certain behavior or appearance for others. When we get rid of what we think we should be, we learn to become who we are. Once you settle into this, you can grow and express yourself as you would want to.

Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

It’s not easy to completely remove limiting beliefs, but it’s about addressing what is classed as intrusive thoughts. It’s exhausting to think about the little things when somebody like an employee doesn’t like how you are doing something. When all these intrusive thoughts start to build up, they will eventually wear you down. You’ve got to protect your notion of comfort. And when you start to address the little thoughts that fatigue you and remove them, you are rewriting your story. It’s not an easy thing, but if you are struggling with this, there are tools and techniques that can help, such as the positive self-talk Tony Robbins teaches to retrain your brain. It’s crucial to recognize that when someone occupies your thoughts because they are highly critical of you, this soon spirals into limiting self-beliefs. If you want to be a leader, you’ve got to think about what this person will do when they encounter conflict. But the person is you! 

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When you focus inwards and you bring the right version of yourself outwards, you start to become a natural leader. Everybody is a natural leader, there are just certain obstacles we all need to overcome.