Therapy is sometimes controversial or difficult to talk about, but it can be very life-changing for many people. Although therapy would be a wonderful decision for those with very troubled pasts, it’s also great for everyone else. Nobody has a perfect life where they have never felt pain or had an issue that they needed to talk through. Everyone can benefit from therapy, and here is how.


Life is crazy, and that is a fact. In life, you go from school to college to work as quickly as you possibly can. It makes it hard to find what you really love and find what you want out of life. There are also so many people chiming in on your life on a daily basis, and it can get overwhelming. Therapy is a scheduled time whenever you choose that you can finally focus on yourself. Most of the time your therapist will help you explore feelings that you never even knew existed. It can be great for anyone who needs a second to think and explore themselves, which everyone needs.

The Problems You Don’t Even Realize

It’s true, sometimes you have underlying trauma and pain from events that you didn’t even realize. There are even repressed memories that you need help processing. Throughout life, you hear horror stories and think “I never had it that bad.” But in reality, your pain and trauma are just as real and painful to you as they would be to anyone else. It may seem minor or maybe even silly to you, but through therapy, you can expand on why things have bothered you and how to move forward. It’s a great option for anyone that just wants reassurance and help with expanding on current and past problems.


All of the above leads to better self-awareness. If you try therapy and don’t find that it’s doing you justice, that’s absolutely fine. However, if you really dig deep and find things about yourself that you didn’t know, you can possibly impact who you are in the future. If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, have problems with attachment, or are just short-tempered, you will probably do well by digging into why you are having those issues. It’s sometimes not an easy answer, but a therapist can help you find those answers and solutions to those problems.


Not only do you become more aware of yourself, but you get reassurance that it is okay to be yourself. You may go into your session thinking that everything in your life is okay, but then you can sit there and go from okay to “this kind of hurt” or “I got irritated by” really quick. There’s just no pressure to be perfect, so you are allowed to be yourself and say what you need to say. There’s no judgment, but there are honest solutions to your problem. You walk out reassured, happier, and feeling like your feelings were justified. It is a great experience for everyone because there is nobody who doesn’t need reassurance.

It Isn’t as Nerve-Wracking as You Think

Therapy looks a lot different now than in the past. It does take you out of your comfort zone a little bit, but it’s a safe environment to do so. Everyone needs to have a safe place that they can openly discuss things that would sound silly to other people. It might even sound intimidating to go into an office to talk to a person face-to-face that you’ve never met, but at this point in time, there are solutions around that too. In fact, Bay Area online counseling is a great opportunity for anyone to get started in therapy. You can do it in person or online, and the availability of appointments is basically all day every day. You can schedule your free 45-minute consultation call online today. You can choose what is best for you!

Although therapy may seem scary, it’s just an opportunity for you to better yourself. There shouldn’t be any shame in focusing on you for at least an hour one day once a week or so. The least you can do is try a few sessions, see how it helps, and hopefully have a better mindset!