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For many people, living in small spaces is anything but fun. You have to keep your space well organized, or the chaos spills over to every aspect of your home. This is easily why many people living in tiny apartments just can’t wait to move to bigger homes.

However, living small does not need to be stressful or hectic. With a few well-thought strategies, you can create a home that you love and are proud to show off to the world. 

Well, here are some tips to get you going on your home improvement journey.

Create an Illusion of Height

If you have low ceilings, it can be hard not to feel cramped in your home. Coupling that with small square footage and claustrophobia can become a genuine concern.

Fortunately, creating an illusion of height in the room is not difficult. You can start by hanging your curtains very close to the ceiling and letting them drop till they kiss the floor. This will make even the tiniest room appear considerably larger.

Secondly, consider having a statement wall in your apartment. It not only adds personality to your room, but it also makes your wall look taller, thus making your room look bigger.

Additionally, you could also opt for furniture that sits lower than average. It can trick the eye into thinking that the ceiling is much higher than it is.

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Install DIY Barn Doors

If you live in a studio, or if you have an alcove bedroom, separating your spaces can be something of a challenge. This is where barn doors come in handy.

You can install sheet metal barn doors that are lightweight and beautiful to improve your privacy and make your small space look bigger. Check out for more information on how sheet metal can breathe life into your small apartment.

Rethink Your Furniture

If you are tight on space, you have to be smart about the furniture you bring into your home. Ordinary-size coaches or large coffee tables might not be ideal for your space, so be creative and choose the appropriate furniture.

For seating space, consider using club chairs instead of sofas or settees. If you have a fireplace in your living area, you can angle the chairs towards it to create a cozy space that you love. Also, consider having one armchair if a second one will present a walking hazard.

You might also install custom shelves in odd-shaped nooks that often become wasted space. You can use the shelves as extra storage, and they certainly add class to your home. 

Pick a Dark Wall Paint Color

One of the most underrated ways to add space to a small room is to have walls in a dark color. Not only do they make your home look elegant and polished, but they also allow you to have brighter colored items to brighten up your space. It would be best to paint your ceiling the same color as your walls to make the room appear even larger.


There is no denying that living in a small space presents a unique set of challenges. However, you don’t have to be miserable because of having little space. Be sure to implement the steps in this blog, and you will appreciate your home much more.