When coronavirus hit, it was undoubtedly one of the biggest crises the globe has ever faced. The COVID-19 emergence presented many challenges to business owners who were left trying to survive the crisis. Yet, despite the unprecedented circumstances, many businesses found ways to cope with the challenges. Here are some clever ways you can grow your business during the pandemic.

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Host virtual events for your audience

Many businesses have shifted into the virtual realm in how they make sales. However, zoom meetings should not only be a platform to close deals or market products but also a way to provide value to your customers when they are at home. For service-based businesses such as fitness centers, you can keep customers engaged through virtual events like online challenges and contests.

Create interactive webinars that are informative by bringing expert speakers, reassuring customers, and enticing them with incentives. You can build long-term relationships that promote growth by ending virtual events with a clear call to action.

Listen to customers’ perspectives

Customers are the bedrock of every business, and without them, you can’t grow. During a global pandemic, it is vital to listen to your customers. This way, you can determine how you can tend to their current needs. Some problems are universal, and with a global pandemic, the struggles your customers are going through could represent what other people in your target audience are facing. By listening to their perspective, you can change strategies and address their concerns accordingly, thereby attracting even more customers.

Go digital with your marketing

With social distancing being the new norm, businesses have gone digital. From marketing, remote work, and digital platforms’ use, you can connect with existing and potential customers while running operations effectively. Some of the digital marketing strategies include social media marketing, content marketing with SEO, and email marketing.

Instead of sticking to expensive and short-term traditional marketing strategies, go digital. Although it requires a lot of effort and time, an Ecommerce Marketing Strategist can help get your products/services to the right audiences. Create a user-friendly website and increase your Google rankings with SEO content. Engage with customers on social media through fast responses and creative posts.

Alert your networks

Your business’s network translates to your net worth; you can only grow when you know the right people. During a global pandemic, it’s the best time to connect with new businesses to stay afloat. Alert your existing connections on new ideas that you take on; you might find someone willing to partner, get a referral, or land a growth opportunity in a different line of business. Keep your supporters, financiers, and stakeholders aware of the successes and milestones you hit because they are the people who support what you’re trying to accomplish.

Communicate transparently with employees and customers

The same way the COVID-19 pandemic uncertainty scares you is the same way it worries your employees and customers. To grow your business, take a holistic approach in communicating to your customers about the ongoing changes and expectations. If you can, reach out to them and offer your support to those going through a tough time.

Your employees are assets to the business; check in on them. Keep updating them on the COVID-19 impact on the business and reassure them. Ensure everyone takes care of their health and input measures to build a strong sense of community.

Be open and creative

During a recession, many businesses focus on salvaging what they can by using the same strategies. Instead of relying on the same old business strategies, be open to new ideas and get creative. By exploring new ideas, you can find ways to fill the gaps brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic for your survival. Listen to what your customers say they need, and be quick to spotting emerging trends to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business.

Extend a hand to others

During tough times like COVID-19, it’s easy to fall into the temptation to capitalize on the disaster. Instead of being an unscrupulous business, try extending a hand to people in need. Many companies practice unethical behavior such as inflating prices artificially and stockpiling. While it may earn you a dollar for a period, it does a lot of damage in the long term. By being helpful in the community to mitigate the pandemic’s impact, you can instantly boost awareness to your business.

Bottom line

At a time of a lot of uncertainty and new norms to adapt to, you can find clever ways to stay afloat. With the recent upsurge in the use of technology, grow your business online by taking advantage of platforms such as social media and other virtual sites to connect with existing and potential clients. Many people are going through challenging times; you can grow your business by listening to their needs and lending a hand where possible to mitigate community crises.